Who we are and what we do

Formed in 1989, Friends of Sunset Park is a non-profit neighborhood organization dedicated to working for the collective interests of all Sunset Park residents. Over the years our dedicated volunteers have worked to improve the quality of life in Sunset Park by striving to improve community safety and reduce crime, reduce cut-through traffic and parking intrusions, improve safety and reduce noise and air pollution at Santa Monica Airport, minimize the impacts of commercial development in our neighborhood, enhance public recreation facilities, and work with our local schools to support quality education for our children.


President – Zina Josephs
Vice President – Clare Thomas
Secretary – Charles R. Donaldson
Treasurer – Vivien Flitton

Board of Directors

Peter Donald
Charles R. Donaldson
Vivien Flitton
Ofer Grossman

Zina Josephs
Nikki Kolhoff
Cathy Larson
Clare Thomas


  • $30 Regular Household Dues
  • $50 or $100 Sponsor
  • $10 Minimum Household Dues


Airport – Cathy Larson
Land Use — Nikki Kolhoff
Santa Monica College – Tom Peters
Step Up on 26th Alex Novakovich
Commission for the Senior Community Liaison Leigh Brumberg
Newsletter Editor – Zina Josephs
Newsletter layout – Bill Josephs
FOSP Webmaster – Kathryn Pees

Our Accomplishments

FOSP works hard to improve the quality of life in Sunset Park. With more active members, we can have greater influence in solving problems that affect our neighborhood. Join us!

Crime and Public Safety: SMPD Neighborhood Resource Officer Erik Milosevich and Crime Prevention Coordinator Myesha Morrison attend FOSP meetings. We forward SMPD crime alerts to our members.  FOSP successfully lobbied for city ordinances to prevent Lincoln Blvd. from becoming a magnet for adult businesses, and we’ve contacted city staff regarding other safety issues on Lincoln Blvd.

Emergency Preparedness: FOSP encourages residents to participate in the Office of Emergency Management’s CERT classes, to be prepared for emergencies up to 7 days, and to sign up for SM Alerts.

Traffic, Pedestrian Safety, and Parking: We work to discourage cut-through traffic and protect pedestrians. FOSP got additional crossing guards assigned near neighborhood schools. We supported preferential parking near the SMC Main Campus, and we successfully lobbied to protect the neighborhood from cut-through traffic between the SMC Bundy Campus and the Main Campus.

Airport Safety: FOSP helped secure stricter noise-limit enforcement and higher fines at Santa Monica Airport (SMO). In 2008, we successfully lobbied the City Council to ban C and D jets and to reject an inadequate FAA runway safety proposal. (The FAA prevented implementation of the jet ban.) In 2010, FOSP worked with Rep. Waxman to prevent the 250-heading departure path from becoming permanent. In 2013, we supported increased landing fees, which reduced “touch and goes.” In 2014, the FOSP Board supported Measure LC, and it supports Airport 2 Park.

Controlling Development: FOSP helped stop large commercial developments on the NW corner of Pico and Cloverfield, on Airport Avenue, and at the old Marion Davies estate on PCH, making possible the Virginia Avenue Park expansion, Airport Park, and the Annenberg Community Beach Club. In 2014, the FOSP Board opposed the Hines Bergamot Transit Village (7,000 daily car trips). Many FOSP members helped collect 13,500 petition signatures in less than three weeks, which led the City Council to rescind the Hines development agreement.

Protecting the Environment: FOSP has encouraged residents to participate in Green Living workshops, Christmas tree recycling, paper shredding, electronics recycling, stopping junk mail, and safe disposal of hazardous household waste.

Working with City Officials: FOSP communicates regularly with city officials. The City Manager, City Council members, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Airport Director, Planning Director, Transportation Planning Manager, City Traffic Engineer, heads of Emergency Management and Public Works, and other city staff have come to FOSP meetings to address residents’ concerns.

Working with Other Organizations: FOSP participates in the Santa Monica Neighborhood Council. FOSP members have served with the Airport, Arts, Housing, Landmarks, Planning, Recreation and Parks, Senior Community, and Social Services Commissions; Architectural Review Board; City Council; Lincoln Blvd. Task Force; Pico Improvement Organization; SMC Board of Trustees; SMC Citizens Bond Oversight Committee; Urban Forest Task Force; Workforce Housing Task Force; Residocracy; Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City; and the Santa Monica Transparency Project.