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May 2012 Update

Airport Commission – Airport Visioning

The April 23rd Airport Commission Airport Visioning Workshop included a legal agreement review regarding how various Federal/City agreements impact potential future options for various airport land parcels, an overview of the City’s proprietary powers with regards to its jurisdiction over future airport uses, an economic analysis of SMO, a presentation from Cal Poly Pomona’s College …

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April 2012 Update

Airport Commission to Tackle Airport Visioning at Its Next Meeting on Monday, April 23, 7:30 PM, at City Hall

The Airport Commission has planned a workshop format discussion of future options for SMO. The workshop will include:

  • A review of legal agreements, including how various Federal/City agreements impact potential future options for various
    parcels of land at the airport –
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July 2011 Update

Do You Want a Say in SM Airport’s Future?

Open? Closed? More flights? Fewer flights? Business Park?
Playing fields? Parkland? Housing? Artist Studios? SMC Expansion?
How would various options affect Sunset Park traffic congestion?

Friends of Sunset Park wants you to participate. 

  1. Complete a questionnaire designed by community members online at (click on the “Survey” tab)
  2. Let your
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April 2011 Update

SMO Visioning Process Begins

As the operating agreement between the FAA and the City of Santa Monica regarding the Santa Monica Airport approaches its expiration in 2015, the City has begun a process to determine the options available for the airport’s future. The airport consists of 227 acres located at the south east corner of the City’s borders. The 5000ft

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February 2011 Update

U.S. Court of Appeals Rules against City in C and D Aircraft Ban

Jan. 21, 2011, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued a ruling denying the City of Santa Monica’s appeal of a 2009 FAA decision and subsequent court injunction preventing Santa Monica from implementing a City ordinance enacted on March 25, 2008. This ordinance

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October 2010 Update

Aircraft Emissions

Airport Neighbors experienced an unusual event recently—a reprieve from the buzzing of aircraft over their homes. The Santa Monica Airport (SMO) was closed for four days, Sept. 20-23, to complete runway maintenance. The City of Santa Monica took advantage of this time to conduct baseline measurements of air quality to enable more accurate assessment of aircraft emissions.


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May 2010 Update

By Cathy Larson, FOSP Airport Committee Chair
FAA Changes Flight Path

Have you noticed more prop planes flying over your neighborhood in the last few months?
Are the noise impacts disrupting your life? Are you concerned about the low altitude of these aircraft?
Friends of Sunset Park and the Santa Monica Airport Noise Management Office are seeking public comments on …

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November 2009 Update

FAA Proposed Flight Path Cuts Across Sunset Park Neighborhood

Beginning approximately Dec. 1, the FAA is starting a 180 day trial period relocating the instrument (radar not visual) departure path of piston powered aircraft. According to Airport staff this new procedure will affect around 20 departures a day during limited visibility weather (i.e. clouds, rain, etc.).

The FAA said the …

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May 2009 Update

ANOTHER Ruling by FAA Strikes SM’s Efforts to Implement Airport Safety
For years there have been concerns regarding the close proximity (less than 250 ft) of the Santa Monica Airport’s runway ends to neighborhood homes. On March 25, 2008, the city of Santa Monicapassed an ordinance banning unsafe, faster Class C and D aircraft from the Santa Monica Airport.  The …

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