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Jet traffic at SMO, 1983 to 2016

1,176  jet landings and takeoffs in 1983
17,338  jet landings and takeoffs in 2016


January 2018

“Flying JetSuiteX’s Embraer 135 Service from Burbank to Vegas”

1/1/18 – Airline Geeks

“Teterboro Airport: Steeped in Glamour, History, and Noise”

1/1/18 – New York Times

December 2017

“Santa Monica Airport Runway Shortening Completed on Time and on Budget”

12/27/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Flights at ‘Closed’ Santa Monica Airport Prompt City Apology and Explanation”

12/21/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Airport Consent Decree Dismissed”

12/2017 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Smoke from Recent Fires Poses Challenges for Santa Monica Airport Pollution Study, City Official Says”

12/20/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“U.S. District Court Judge Dismisses Brown Act Lawsuit Challenging Closure of Santa Monica Airport”

12/19/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“20 Years of Santa Monica Airport Plane Crashes”

3/6/15 — Santa Monica Patch

“FAA Conducts Flight Checks”

12/20/17 — Suja Lowenthal, Senior Adviser to the City Manager on Airport Matters

“How Berliners Refused to Give Tempelhof Airport to Developers”

3/5/15 – The Guardian

“Judge Dismisses Case Challenging Future of SMO”

12/19/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Challenge to Santa Monica Airport Consent Decree Dismissed”

12/18/17 – City of Santa Monica media alert

“All Is Quiet: Construction Begins on Final Phase of SMO Runway Shortening”

12/15/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Santa Monica Airport Runway Shortening Project Update”

12/15/17 – City of Santa Monica

Briefing paper: “Operational Impact of 3,500-foot Runway Length” – Santa Monica Airport

Coffman Associates,500%20’Runway%20Analysis%20briefing%20paper%20revised%20(Coffman).pdf

“Santa Monica Airport Start Ten Day Closure to Aircraft for Runway Shortening”

12/15/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Airport Temporarily Closes to Shorten Runway”

12/13/17 – KTLA News

“Opinion: “Santa Monica Airport Hindered Efforts to Fight Skirball Fire” – Karen Melick

12/11/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

Which ATC organization is responsible for controlling and deconflicting airborne firefighting assets over Southern California?

7/24/16 — Quora

“Tufts University Selected for Air Quality Study at Santa Monica Airport”

12/4/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

November 2017

“City of Santa Monica Awards Contract to Conduct Airport Air Quality Study”

11/30/17 – City of Santa Monica press release

“Santa Monica Airport Operators Forced Out by December 12”

11/30/17 – Flying Magazine

“SMO to Close for Runway Shortening”

11/29/17 – AV Web

“Jet Traffic Carries Noise Violations at Santa Monica Airport to New Heights”

11/27/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“City to Conduct Pollution Study at Santa Monica Airport”

11/16/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“NBAA Reiterates Call for Court to Vacate SMO Accord”

11/16/17 – AIN Online

“Santa Monica Airport Runway Shortening Project – Timeline”

11/15/17 – City of Santa Monica

“Uber Reportedly Planning Skyport Operations in Santa Monica for UberAir”

11/9/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Uber Wants to Bring Its Flying Taxis to Traffic-Congested Los Angeles Ahead of the Olympics”

11/8/17 — Forbes

“Uber to Bring Flying Taxis to Los Angeles by 2020”

11/8/17 – Santa Monica Patch


“Noise Pollution: NextGen is the FAA’s Carte Blanche to Wreak Havoc on the Public’s Ears and Serenity”

“Calls for Air Quality Study Gets Boost from LA Council Member”

11/2/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

October 2017

“Santa Monica Airport – Air Quality Study”

10/30/17 – Letter from LA Councilman Mike Bonin

“Jet Operations and Related Noise Violations Rise at Santa Monica Airport”

10/24/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Judge Terminates Temporary Restraining Order at Santa Monica Airport”

10/23/17 – Business Airport International News

“ ‘It’s a Superhighway above Our Heads’: South L.A. Residents Vexed by New LAX Flight Paths”

10/22/17 – Los Angeles Times

“Quiet Aircraft Coming to an Airport near You?”

10/19/17 – The Quiet Coalition Blog

“Congressman Smith Introduces Legislation to Protect Airport Communities from Ultrafine Particles”

10/19/17 – Congressional press release

“Shortening of Santa Monica Airport Runway to Start Monday” (October 23)

10/19/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Judge’s Ruling Clears Runway for Construction”

10/18/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Court Lifts SMO TRO, Clearing Way for Runway Shortening”

10/17/17 – AIN Online – Aviation News

“Wheels Stall on Runway Shortening”

10/13/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Court Order Delays Runway Reduction at Santa Monica Airport”

10/10/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Temporary Restraining Order Halts Start of Runway Reduction at Santa Monica Airport”

10/10/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Judge Orders Halt to Runway Shortening at SMO”

10/9/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Temporary Restraining Order

10/8/17 —

“Boeing-backed, Electric-Hybrid Airliner Set to Hit Market in 2022”

10/5/17 — Reuters

“Lynch Introduces Air Traffic Noise and Pollution Expert Consensus Act of 2017”

10/4/17 – House of Representatives

“War of Words Continues after Santa Monica Airport Pact”

10/3/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Santa Monica Airport Advisor Nelson Hernandez Shares Final Thoughts”

10/3/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “The Case against Air Traffic Control Privatization” – Cliff Pemble

10/3/17 – The Hill

“Airplane Noise: South Bay, Peninsula Residents Left Frustrated with Hectic FAA Meeting”

10/3/17 – The Mercury News

“Santa Monica City Manager Names New Airport Advisor”

10/2/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

September 2017

“Santa Monica City Council Considers Grass for Shortened Airport Runway”

9/29/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Runway Replacement 1,500 Ft. Now $7 Million”

9/29/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “JWA noise is one thing, but that H.B. air show shattered the quiet in Costa Mesa” – Eric Bever

9/28/17 – Los Angeles Times

“A Departure Path of Less Resistance Might Be Coming to JWA”

9/27/17 – Los Angeles Times

“This L.A. Electric Plan Startup Is Working with EasyJet to Develop Electric Jetliners”

9/27/17 – Los Angeles Times

“Runway Construction Clear for Take Off”

9/26/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Airport Runway Project Set to Begin”

9/25/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“No Flying Tesla? That’s Because Electric Planes Are a Steeper Challenge the Electric Cars”

9/9/17 – Los Angeles Times

SCAQMD General Aviation Airport Air Monitoring Study: Follow-up Monitoring Campaign at the Santa Monica Airport
Between April 2006 and March 2007, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) conducted a field study at the Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO) to characterize the impact of aircraft emissions and airport activities on the surrounding communities (AQMD, 2010). Ambient concentrations of total suspended particulate lead (from the leaded fuel used in piston-driven aircraft) and ultrafine particles (UFP; very small particles emitted from aircraft exhaust and other combustion processes) on-site and near SMO were found to be significantly higher than the corresponding levels present further away from the airport. Sharp and rapid increases in the concentrations of UFP occurred when jet aircraft are idling, taking off, and sometimes landing.

Recently, SMO underwent a “Pavement Rehabilitation Project” to comply with current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines and planned airport operations. This led to a full closure of SMO between 8:00 PM, 09/19/10 and 6:00 AM, 09/24/10 to accommodate work on the runway within a restricted work area inside the airport perimeter. This temporary suspension of all airport activities presented a unique opportunity to measure the ambient concentrations of combustion-related pollutants such as UFP, black carbon (BC) and volatile organic compounds (VOC) before, during, and after the runway repaving project. Thus, a supplemental monitoring campaign was conducted by AQMD between 09/09/10 and 10/05/10 to study the short-term impact of aircraft emissions on communities surrounding SMO, and to complement the findings of our previous study more focused on long-term exposure (AQMD, 2010).

RESULTS — Sharp peaks in UFP and BC caused by aircraft emissions right before and during take-off were present at both the East Tarmac and the ____ Residence Backyard sites (Figure 1). The UFP and BC levels were typically higher near the Tarmac because of the close proximity to the aircraft point of departure.

“Santa Monica Airport Commission Requests Special Pollution Study – Would Measure Levels Before, During, and After Closure for Runway Shortening”

9/21/17 – Aero News Network

“Air Quality Impacts of General Aviation: Leveraging an Upcoming Natural Experiment at Santa Monica Airport “– Air Quality Impact Experiment Proposal

8/28/17 – Airport Commission agenda

“Special Pollution Study Proposed for Santa Monica Airport”

9/19/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Emergency Medevac Tonight at SMO”

9/14/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Congressional Bid to Ground Pact Closing Santa Monica Airport by 2028 Thwarted”

9/7/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Wide, Open Spaces: $182,424 a Year for a Concrete Quadrangle”

9/1/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

 August 2017

“AOPA, GAMA File Briefs over Santa Monica Settlement”

8/28/17 – Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association News

“SMO Brings Aviation History to the Community”

8/24/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Aviation Industry Accuses FAA of Trickery in Santa Monica Airport Closure”

8/17/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Museum of Flying Cleared for Continued Operations”

8/15/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“$1 Lease for Museum of Flying”

8/14/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Santa Monica City Council Approves Contract to Shorten Municipal Airport Runway”

8/10/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Cost to Shorten the Runway at Santa Monica Airport Approved by City Council”

8/9/17 – City of Santa Monica press release

“Anti-Airport Group Asks Residents to Get Genetically Tested for Jet Pollution Study”

8/1/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

July 2017

“New App Facilitates Charter Flights from SMO”

7/17/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Council Set to Pave Way for Airport Avenue Improvements”

7/10/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Public Access Granted to Six Acres of Open Space at SMO”

7/6/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

June 2017

“Airport Interim Open Space”

6/30/17 —

“‘We Got a Mayday!’ Small Plane Crashes onto 405 Freeway in Orange County”

6/30/17 – Los Angeles Times

“Small Plane Crashes on 405 Freeway near John Wayne Airport”

6/30/17 – ABC 7 News

“Air pollution exposure may hasten death, even at levels deemed ‘safe,’ study says”

6/28/17 – Los Angeles Times

“Up Close and in the Air: Helicopters of All Shapes and Sizes on Display at Santa Monica Airport”

6/19/17 — Santa Monica Mirror

“City of Santa Monica Is Failing to Live Up to Consent Decree Claims and Promises”

6/17/17 – Air Reform

“All-You-Can-Fly Airline Surf Air Acquires Texas Carrier and Plans Big Expansion”

6/8/17 – Los Angeles Times

“Lawsuit by Bensenville Residents over O’Hare Noise Gains Momentum”

6/8/17 – Daily Herald

“Santa Monica Airport Temporarily Closes Runway for Consultation”

6/1/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

May 2017

“Han No Go!  Harrison Ford, 74, Is Forced to Abort Takeoff TWICE from Santa Monica Airport in His Private Jet, Just Months after His Near-Miss on the Runway”

5/27/17 – Daily Mail

“Airport Runway to Be Chopped at Both Ends”

5/26/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Airport Runway Shortening Approved”

5/26/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Runway Revealed – No One Happy”

5/26/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Mar Vista Community Group Urges Strong Effort to Blunt Impact of Santa Monica Airport Changes”

5/16/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Accident Waiting to Happen: Teterboro Has Happened Again” – Mike Kelly

5/16/17 –

“Private Jet Crash at Teterboro”

5/15/17 – CBS Local

“Pro-Santa Monica Airport Aviation Group Finds Encouraging News in Court of Appeals Rejection”

5/10/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Impact of Noise on Health: The Divide between Policy and Science”

5/12/17 – Open Journal of Social Sciences

“New Lawsuit Seeks to Invalidate Santa Monica Airport Consent Decree”

5/9/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Burien Declares Victory in Battle with FAA over Flight Noise”

4/17/17 – KING-TV (Connecting Western Washington)

“Despite City Agreement with FAA, Legal Challenges to Closing SMO Persist”

5/6/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press











“Circuit Court Denies Injunction to Halt Implementation of Santa Monica Airport Closure Deal”

5/5/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“SMO Commission OKs Runway Shortening Recommendation”

5/4/17 – Aviation International News

“Clash Over Shortening Santa Monica Airport Runway Goes to Commission Tonight”

5/2/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

April 2017

“Sun Sets on Jet Traffic Runway: Shortening Plans Get the Once Over from Community Stakeholders” —

4/28/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Runway Reduction Options Unveiled to the Public”

4/27/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Officials Ground Proposal for Interim Replacement as SMO Runway Is Shortened”

4/26/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Pilot Sentenced to Prison for Flying without a License”

4/25/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“OC Pilot Gets 10 Months in Prison for Flying Out of Santa Monica Airport without FAA License”

4/24/17 – Santa Monica Patch

“Uber-like Helicopter Service May Be Walking Fine Line on Santa Monica Permitting Requirements” —

4/21/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Helicopter Service Takes Santa Monica Festival-Goers to Coachella from SMO”

4/14/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “The Sky Is Already Falling at Santa Monica” – Sandy Murdock

4/13/17 – JDA Journal

“American Flyers Ready to Close Up Shop at Santa Monica Airport”

4/11/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Pollutants from Fighter Jets Could Affect Treasure Valley Air Quality” – Denise Seigart

4/10/17 – Idaho Statesman

“Aeroplex to Provide Self-Service Fuel Service at Santa Monica Airport Beginning April 16”

4/7/17 – City of Santa Monica Media Alert

“Harrison Ford Won’t Face Any Penalties over Runway Incident”

4/4/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

March 2017

Editorial: “Santa Monica Airport Hazards”

3/30/17 – Los Angeles Times

“Santa Monica Airport Presents: The Junior Aviator Logbook”

3/29/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

“City Ponders Future after Fuel Supplier Announces Exit from Santa Monica Airport”

3/28/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“American Flyers to Exit Santa Monica in April”

3/23/17 – Airport Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

“Private Jet Flipped Over in Wake Turbulence from Airbus A380: Reports”

3/22/17 – NBC News

“Santa Monica Is Planning a Big Expansion to Its Airport Park”

3/16/17 – LA Curbed

“NBAA and Mayor Winterer Issue Statement Regarding Closing of Airport”

3/8/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Business Group: Runway Shortening at SMO Is a ‘Near-Total Ban on Jets’ ”

3/8/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“National Aviation Group Asks Court to Delay Reducing Santa Monica Airport Runway”

3/8/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“New Satellite System Causes Delays at LAX”

3/8/17 – KPCC 89.3

“NBAA Pursues Court Challenge to SMO Closure”

3/7/17 – AV Web

“Senator Calls for Investigation into Small Plane Crashes”

3/7/17 – Flying Magazine

“NBAA-Led Motion Counters FAA Challenge to SMO Settlement Review”

3/6/17 – National Business Aviation Association

“Cleared for Take-Off: Harrison Ford Takes to the Skies….Less than Two Weeks after Nearly Colliding with a Passenger Jet in LA” —

3/4/17, updated — 3/5/17 – Daily Mail

“Council Member Offers Cautionary Statement as Santa Monica Moves Toward Airport Closure”

3/3/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“City Paves Way to Ixnay 1500 Feet of Runway”

3/2/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

February 2017

“Riverside Plane Crash – Photos, Victims, Survivor, Videos of California Tragedy”

2/28/17 — Heavy

“3 Killed, 2 Injured, after Small Plane Crashes into Riverside Home “

2/28/17 – ABC7 News

Opinion: “Santa Monica Airport — What Happens Next?” – John Fairweather

2/27/17 – Community against Santa Monica Airport Traffic (CASMAT)

“Council to Begin Implementation of Santa Monica Airport Closure Deal”

2/27/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Planes into Parkland: The Future of Santa Monica Airport”

2/24/17 – Sierra Club West LA

Opinion: “Airport Emergency Failures” – Mike Salazar

2/24/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“4 Americans among 5 Killed When Plane Crashed into Australia Shopping Mall”

2/21/17 – AOL News

“Harrison Ford Completely Misjudged Runway”

2/16/17 – Daily Mail

VIDEO: “Harrison Ford’s Plane Narrowly Misses Jetliner with 116 People Aboard”

“Aviation Groups Challenge Santa Monica Airport Closure”

2/15/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Harrison Ford in Incident with Passenger Plane at California Airport”

2/14/17 – NBC Nightly News

VIDEO: “Brock on Your Block – Santa Monica Airport” – February 4th SMO rally

2/13/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

“It Isn’t Over Yet: Aviation Interests Seek Federal Court Review of Deal to Close Santa Monica Airport” —

2/13/17 – Los Angeles Times

“Trump Criticizes Billions in Spending on U.S. Air Traffic Control”

2/9/17 – AOL news/Reuters

“Anti-Airport Activists Find Little to Celebrate in Deal to Eventually Close SMO”

2/7/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Hostile Battle over Santa Monica Airport May Not Be Over”

2/7/17 – Long Beach Press Telegram

“Federal Judge Approves Santa Monica Airport Closure Deal”

2/3/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“SMO Handed a Lifeline”

2/3/17 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Consent Decree Signed and Approved by U.S. District Court”

2/2/17 – City of Santa Monica Press Release

“JetSuiteX Cancels All Flights at Santa Monica Airport through February 24”

2/2/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“JetSuiteX Will Not Begin Service at SMO”

2/2/17 – City of Santa Monica press release

Opinion: “A Historic Victory….A Long Wait” – John Fairweather

2/2/17 – CASMAT (Community Against Santa Monica Airport Traffic)

“Betrayal — What’s Behind FAA’s Santa Monica Sneak Attack”

2/2/17 – Plane & Pilot

“Turbulence Continues over Agreement to Close Santa Monica Airport”

2/2/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

VIDEO: FAA Administrator Huerta interviewed by AOPA – “Huerta Explains Santa Monica Deal”

2/2/17 – Airport Owners and Operators Association (AOPA)

“Santa Monica Airport Uncertainty Scuttles Plans for New Jet Chartering Service”

2/1/17 – Hollywood Reporter

“Growth Takes Off at Camarillo Airport”

2/1/17 – Ventura County Star

Opinion: “Deal to Close Santa Monica Airport Leaves Plenty of Time for More Fighting”

2/1/17 – The Argonaut

“Airborne 02.01.17: KSMO Reaction Mounts…”

Aero News video
[The video includes tape shot from the cockpit of plane coming in to land at Santa Monica Airport – right over homes across the street from the east end of the runway.)

January 2017

“Santa Monica Airport Agreement Clears Runway of Mounting Litigation Costs”

1/31/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Reaction to Santa Monica Airport Closure Deal Mixed”

1/30/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“JetSuiteX Says Company’s Commercial Flights at Santa Monica Airport Could Be Canceled”

1/30/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“FAA Caves In to City Demand to Close Airport”

1/29/17 – AIN Online

“A Stunning Betrayal: FAA Caves In to Santa Monica NIMBY Demands”

1/29/17 — Aero News Network

“FAA Caves in to City Demand to Close Santa Monica Airport”

1/29/17 – AIN Online

“Santa Monica City Council Reaches Historic Agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Justice” —

1/28/17 — City of Santa Monica press release
On Saturday, January 28, 2017, Santa Monica City Council announced an agreement was reached with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that secures the complete closure of Santa Monica Airport on December 31, 2028….

  • The airport’s runway shall have an operational runway length of 3,500 feet, significantly reducing jet
  • U.S. Government acknowledgement that City of Santa Monica has the right to establish its own
        proprietary exclusive fixed based operation (FBO) services
  • Airport property released from all deed restrictions
  • Consent decree
  • Settles all legal disputes between City and the federal government about the Airport

This agreement comes after a longstanding legal battle and multiple court cases between the City and the FAA. This concludes all litigation between the City of Santa Monica and the FAA.

History of litigation:

“FAA Reaches Settlement Agreement with City of Santa Monica”

1/28/17 — FAA press release
“The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the City of Santa Monica, California have reached a settlement agreement to resolve longstanding litigation over the future of Santa Monica Airport. 
The agreement requires the city to maintain continuous and stable operation of the airport for 12 years, until December 31, 2028, and after that the City has the right to close the airport.

In recognition of the city’s authority to make decisions about land use, the agreement allows Santa Monica to shorten the airport’s single runway to 3,500 feet from its current length of 4,973 feet. The city is obligated to enter into leases with private aeronautical service providers to ensure continuity of those services until the runway is shortened and it decides to provide such services on its own.

“Mutual cooperation between the FAA and the city enabled us to reach this innovative solution, which resolves longstanding legal and regulatory disputes,” said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. “This is a fair resolution for all concerned because it strikes an appropriate balance between the public’s interest in making local decisions about land use practices and its interests in safe and efficient aviation services.”

“City, FAA Agree to Close Santa Monica Airport in 2028”

1/28/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Airport to Close in 2028”

1/28/17 – ABC7 News

“FAA and Santa Monica Reach Deal to Keep Airport Open until End of 2028”

1/28/17 – Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association News

“Closure Date Set for Santa Monica Airport”

1/28/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Airport to Close in 2028”

1/28/17 – Los Angeles Times

“Santa Monica Airport Commission Chair Says Planned Commercial Flights Set ‘Alarming Precedent’ ” —

1/27/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“JetSuiteX Blowing Off Airport Authorities, Still Planning Scheduled Flights Out of Santa Monica” – Part 2 —

1/27/17 – Air Impact Reform

“JetSuiteX Blowing Off Airport Authorities, Still Planning Scheduled Flights Out of Santa Monica” – Part 1 —

1/27/17 – Air Impact Reform

Opinion: “Taking a Page from Uber and Airbnb, JetSuiteX Plans to Offer Low-Cost Seats on Private Jets Flying out of Santa Monica Airport – Even if the City Says ‘No’ ” – Beige Luciano-Adams

1/25/17 – The Argonaut —

“City Won’t Allow International Travel at Long Beach Airport; JetBlue to ‘Evaluate’ Plans Here”

1/25/17 – Long Beach Press Telegram

“Private Jet CEO Sees Huge Business Opportunity at SMO”

1/25/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Council Meets for Special Closed Session on Airport”

1/20/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“These Two Airlines Are Redefining Private Jet Traffic”

1/14/17 — Forbes

“Santa Monica Officials Illegally Attempting Air Commerce Regulation”

1/13/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Recreational Space Next to Santa Monica Airport Opening Soon”

1/13/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Court Bid to Evict Key Aviation Tenants from Santa Monica Airport Delayed Again”

1/11/17 – Santa Monica Lookout

“City Leaders to Discuss Airport Park Plans at Next Meeting”

1/5/17 – Santa Monica Daily Press



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