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March 2016

Santa Monica Airport Litigation:

“Council approves Airport leasing policy”

3/24/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
“After months waiting and an hour of community input, the City Council unanimously approved a new leasing policy for the Santa Monica Airport without a word of debate or comment at their March 22 meeting….Residents were overwhelmingly in favor of the leasing policy. Many saw the leasing policy as a means of regulating behavior that residents deem to be dangerous or detrimental to their lives….”

“Santa Monica City Council Approves New Airport Leasing Policy”

3/23/16 – Santa Monica Lookout
“Struggling to regain ground in its long, uphill battle to close the municipal airport, the Santa Monica City Council Tuesday approved a new leasing policy that will make it harder for aviation to continue operating there. Passed unanimously and with no discussion by the Council, the new leasing rules force the airport’s 626 tenants and sub-tenants — nearly 200 of whom are in aviation or related uses – to maintain “harmonious relations” with neighbors by protecting their health, safety and environment. Rents are increased to market rates under the standardized policy – part of a concerted effort by the Council to wean the airport from relying on City coffers and to eventually erase the $13.1 million the airport already owes the City….”

“Fate of City Claim over Santa Monica Airport Now in Hands of Appeals Court”

3/21/16 – Santa Monica Lookout — “Whether the City ever gets its day in court in its David versus Goliath legal battle against the United States of America over Santa Monica Airport is now in the hands of the three judges of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals….Santa Monica has known since 1948 that the federal government has had a keen interest in operating the property as an airport and that a legal “cloud” has existed over the property’s title since then, said Alicia Klein, an attorney for the United States….But Judge Jacqueline Nguyen asked her how the United States can claim the right ‘to repossess the land in perpetuity when it didn’t own the land in the first place?’ ”

“Lufthansa jet and drone nearly collide near LAX”

3/19/16 – Los Angeles Times
“The pilot of a commercial jetliner said his plane nearly collided with a drone while approaching “Los Angeles International Airport” Los Angeles International Airport on Friday afternoon….The near-miss was reported before 2 p.m. about 14 miles east of the airport at an elevation of 5,000 feet and involved a Lufthansa Airbus A380….The drone flew 200 feet over the aircraft….”

Opinion: “More slow grinding of the wheels of justice” – Frank Gruber

3/19/16 – The Healthy City Blog
“[This is] the case the City brought in 2013 to get what’s called “declaratory relief,” which means the City is asking the courts to tell the City and the FAA what their respective rights are with respect the airport before the City makes decisions about SMO’s future….The three judges were generationally diverse: the legendary 92-year-old Harry Pregerson, who was appointed by Jimmy Carter, and who is now on senior status; Judge Richard Paez, appointed by Bill Clinton; and an Obama appointee who joined the court in 2012, Jacqueline Nguyen. “

“Airport lease policy advances without commission approval”

3/17/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
There are a total of 629 leases at the airport. About half are direct leases with the city, but 323 tenants are subleases from one of six master tenants. Leases can cover entire buildings, office space or just a “tie-down” location for a single aircraft…. Leases account for about 67 percent of total airport revenue and the proposal calls for all tenants to move to market-rate leases to help the airport become self-sustaining and erase a $13.1-million debt it owes to the city’s general fund.

“Airport Battle Is Back in Court” — Santa Monica and the FAA encounter some turbulence at the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

3/16/16 – The Argonaut
In the latest chapter of the complex legal battle for control of Santa Monica Airport, attorneys for both the city of Santa Monica and the Federal Aviation Administration appeared Friday before a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena. Discussion touched on the highly technical, the hypothetical and, at times, the inscrutable.

Santa Monica is appealing a 2014 district court dismissal of its lawsuit claiming that terms of 1948 and 1984 operating agreements with the federal government allow the city to take control of airport land. The city owns the land the airport is on, but the feds control airport operations. Appeals Court Judges Harry Pregerson, Richard Paez and Jacqueline Nguyen heard several minutes of oral argument, most of which pertained to those agreements, before asking questions of the attorneys.

“SMO lawsuit reaches appeals court”

3/14/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
One of several lawsuits in the ongoing battle over the future of the local airport moved forward Friday at the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where attorneys for the City of Santa Monica and the Federal Aviation Administration made opening arguments before a three-judge panel in a dispute over control of the property. The City, which is attempting to establish its right to the land, is appealing a recent U.S. District Court dismissal of its case against the FAA.

Deanne Maynard, an attorney representing the City, asserted that Santa Monica’s claim under the Quiet Title Act is valid and that the federal government does not have the authority to take over the property if the City ceases airport operations there. “The U.S. wants to have its cake and eat it too,” said Maynard, a partner with the firm Morrison & Foerster LLP, who was previously an assistant to the U.S. Solicitor General at the Department of Justice. “The City wants the power to decide what to do, in the best interests of its citizens, with its land.” Maynard added that the title to the property cannot revert to the federal government because the federal government never owned the land in the first place.

“Santa Monica Airport Case Gets Hearing Friday”

3/11/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“City Rebukes National Business Aviation Association Letter to Vazquez”

3/7/16 – Santa Monica Lookout — The City’s point person on Santa Monica Airport is rebuking a national commercial aviation association’s letter linking the Council’s recent restrictions at the airfield to federal transportation funding, describing it as a veiled threat to low-income bus users.

Video Diary: “Park Progress – Episode 2” – Gavin Scott

3/5/16 – Airport 2 Park

“City Spars with Santa Monica Airport Advocates over Leases”

3/5/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
Airport critics and supporters are engaged in a war of words over recent actions at the Santa Monica Airport. The recent exchange began on Feb. 26 when Senior Advisor to the City Manager Nelson Hernandez sent an email announcing the departure of Gunnell Properties. “This is consistent with Santa Monica policy of local control of Airport land; land that the people of Santa Monica purchased in the 1920s and have owned continuously for nearly 100 years,” he wrote. “The City attempted to negotiate an agreement with Gunnell that would have facilitated a smooth and orderly transition, unfortunately the parties were unable to reach terms.”

“Major Aviation-Related Tenant at Santa Monica Airport to Vacate”

3/1/16 – Santa Monica Lookout
In December, the City issued a warning to Gunnell and another owner of aircraft fuel tanks there to clean up possible contamination before their leases expired. It said Gunnell caused a variety of environmental problems over the years, and the City was concerned about the possible release of hazardous substances.

February 2016

Opinion: “City Spin Doesn’t Answer Legal Question” – Bill Worden, Venice resident

2/19/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Toxic Emissions Charges Continue to Dog Airport”

2/12/16 – Hillsboro Tribune

“City Cites Corporate Greed as Motivation for New Airport Complaint”

2/12/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“City Is Squeezing Santa Monica Airport Aviation Tenants, FAA Complaint Charges”

2/10/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Airport Tenants File New Santa Monica Part 16 Complaint”

2/8/16 – AIN Online — Four Santa Monica Airport (SMO) tenants, along with NBAA and AOPA, have filed a new Part 16 complaint with the FAA that outlines specific grant-obligation violations by the city of Santa Monica, which owns the airport property.

“Aviation groups accuse city of making it difficult to operate at Santa Monica Airport”

2/8/16 – Los Angeles Times

Opinion: “America Is Flint” – Nicholas Kristof

2/7/16 – New York Times
We have been rightfully outraged by the lead poisoning of children in Flint, Mich. — an outrage that one health expert called “state-sponsored child abuse.” But lead poisoning goes far beyond Flint, and in many parts of America seems to be even worse. “Lead in Flint is the tip of the iceberg,” notes Dr. Richard J. Jackson, former director of the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ,,, Across America, 535,000 children ages 1 through 5 suffer lead poisoning, by C.D.C. estimates….Lead poisoning is an old problem: An Australian doctor, Lockhart Gibson, diagnosed the first case in 1904.

Then in 1943, a doctor in Boston encountered a young boy who had tried to stab his teacher, and remembered that the same boy had suffered lead poisoning years earlier. Researchers soon found that early exposure to lead impairs brain development and is strongly associated with later violent or criminal behavior. Yet the lead industry ferociously fought attempts at regulation. It wasn’t until the 1970s and ’80s that lead was largely removed from gasoline, and until 2008 that a regulation reduced lead in paint to a reasonable level. Millions of children continue to suffer brain impairment because of the greed of the lead industry.
[Note: Piston-powered aircraft, still use leaded Avgas.]

“Two Small Planes Collide off LA Coast, 3 People Missing” –

2/6/16 – AOL News — Authorities say a log book found in the water shows a 61-year-old and 81-year-old were on board one plane. Officials believe a 72-year-old pilot was the only occupant of the second plane.

February 5, 2016 — The NBAA served the City of Santa Monica with its second Part 16 Complaint on Friday, February 5.  The document can be found on the city web site:

“Park plans advancing at Santa Monica Airport”

2/4/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Controllers Support, Pilots Oppose FAA Bill”

2/3/16 – AIN Online — Republican leaders of the U.S. House Transportation Committee unveiled legislation on February 3 that proposes to relieve the Federal Aviation Administration of its role in managing the nation’s ATC system, assigning that task to a separate, not-for-profit corporation. The long-anticipated move was endorsed by unionized controllers but encountered immediate resistance from Democrats, airline pilots and other unionized FAA employees.

“NATCA Announces Position on Air Traffic Reform Proposal”

2/3/16 – National Air Traffic Controllers Association

“Lawmakers Propose Bill to Privatize Air Traffic Control”

2/3/16 – Associated Press, in U.S. News & World Report —  Legislation introduced in the House would transfer responsibility for air traffic control operations from the government to a private, nonprofit corporation.

“City of Santa Monica and Aviators Back before FAA in fight for Control of City Airport”

2/3/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Picking Up the Pace for Airport Park Expansion”

2/2/16 – Airport 2 Park


From: Nelson.Hernandez@SMGOV.NET
Sent: 2/2/2016
Subj: Update Regarding the Expansion of Airport Park

Yesterday, the City of Santa Monica notified all tenants of our southeast parcel that “tie-down” leases for aircrafts located on the subject parcel will expire on March 15th.  The southeast parcel currently has 73 aircraft tie-down spaces spread-out over six acres. The southeast parcel is located directly east of Airport Park.

At present there are 32 aircraft leasing the property. The affected tenants will be offered tie-down spaces in other parts of the Airport, where there is adequate space. Our action is permissible because effective July 1, 2015, the southeast parcel is no longer subject to requirements by FAA that the property is exclusively for aviation purposes. By clearing the property of the 73 aircraft tie-downs and using the land for a much needed expansion of Airport Park, the City will take an important step in regaining local control of our land and improving the quality of life for our residents.

Note: At the January 26, 2016 Council meeting, the City awarded a consulting services contract to prepare feasibility studies in order to expand Airport Park onto the subject parcel.

Nelson Hernandez
Senior Advisor to the City Manager


“Santa Monica Appeals FAA’s Ruling to Keep Airport Open”

2/1/16 – Aviation International News — AINonline

January 2016

“Senators Warn Against Air Traffic Spinoff”

1/29/16 – Airport Owners and Pilots Association

“Video Diary: Park Progress – Episode 1”

1/26/16 – Airport 2 Park

“Success in Santa Monica: Prop 65 Signs Posted for Toxic Lead”

1/23/16 – Air Reform

“FAA’s air traffic control operations questioned”

1/20/16 – Associated Press

“Court Date Set for City’s Ongoing Lawsuit against the FAA”

1/13/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
“….opening arguments in the appeal will be heard on March 11, at 9 a.m. at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena. The suit was filed under the, Quiet Title Act and is a class of lawsuit utilized by a property owner to negate any future claims to the land by other individuals. In this case, the City of Santa Monica is asking the courts to verify the City has sole possession of the land thereby preventing the federal government from ever taking control should airport operations cease….”

“The Incredible Shrinking NAS that FAA and the Av-gov Complex Don’t Talk About”

1/9/16 – Air Reform

“Predictions for 2016”

1/6/16 – The Argonaut —

“What will happen next in the city’s battle with the FAA over Santa Monica Airport?”

By Tony Vazquez
The controversy over the Santa Monica Airport will continue into the New Year and most likely for years to come. The facts are Santa Monicans have voted to take control over our airport land. Yet the FAA continues to favor aviation interests to the detriment of the health and safety of the families that live near the airport….Regardless, the city will keep fighting for local control over the airport land. The voters have spoken, and we will never give up!  Tony Vazquez is mayor of Santa Monica.

December 2015

“California-based flight-sharing firm must remain closed, federal court rules”

12/22/15 – Los Angeles Times —
California-based flight-sharing company that offered an online service to connect private pilots with the traveling public must remain closed under a recent federal court decision that restricts Uber-like service in the skies.

Opinion: “Santa Monica Airport: the saga continues (and the struggle)” – Frank Gruber

12/21/15 – The Healthy City Local blog

“Santa Monica Museum of Flying Hosting Rededication Ceremony for DC-3 Monument”

12/17/15 – Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “Stop Wasting Money, Start Embracing the Airport” – Chris Thrasher

12/11/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Proteus Air Services —


Flying is freedom – the freedom to go where you want, when you want. How does flying up to Lake Tahoe to go skiing sound? A weekend in Las Vegas without the hassle of the airlines?  Lunch with friends in Palm Springs?  A flight to Catalina for a world-famous Buffalo Burger?  A romantic dinner in San Diego? Or just jumping in the plane and flying simply for the fun of being aloft? These are just a few of the countless adventures waiting to be discovered for any pilot flying in Southern California.

Chris Thrasher

CFI-I, Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot, NAFI

Languages: English

“Aviation emissions deal expected next year, no matter the outcome of Paris talks”

12/10/15 — Reuters

“Santa Monica Sued over Airport Landing Fees”

12/10/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Warns Fuel Companies at Airport”

12/9/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Hit with Airport Landing Fees Class Action”

12/8/15 – Law

Santa Monica City Council

12/8/15 agenda item 1-F:
Conference with Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation – Litigation has been initiated formally pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9 (d)(1): National Business Aircraft Association, et al. v. City of Santa Monica, FAA Docket No. 16-14-04 – The Council voted unanimously to pursue the appeal.

“National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Applauds FAA Ruling Preserving Santa Monica Airport Access”

12/7/15 –

“FAA Rules that Santa Monica Airport Must Remain Open”

12/7/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

“FAA Rules on Santa Monica Airport, Saying It Must Remain Open through 2023”

12/5/15 – Santa Monica Mirror

“FAA says Santa Monica Airport must stay open until 2023” – Dan Weikel

12/5/15 – Los Angeles Times

“FAA rules in favor of 2023 expiration date at Santa Monica Airport”

12/4/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“The City of Santa Monica’s Response to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Director’s Determination that Santa Monica Airport’s Grant Assurances Run until 2023”


The City of Santa Monica’s Response to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Director’s Determination that Santa Monica Airport’s Grant Assurances Run until 2023

December 4, 2015                    
SANTA MONICA, Calif., – From Paris, Mayor Kevin McKeown expressed his exasperation in response to the long awaited Director’s Determination by the Federal Aviation Administration on the Santa Monica Airport Part 16 Complaint. The FAA ruling finds that the City of Santa Monica is obligated by grant assurances to operate Santa Monica Airport until August 27, 2023.

“Unending bureaucratic review is no answer to Santa Monica’s immediate safety and pollution concerns regarding the airport and the land we own,” said Mayor McKeown. “The FAA cannot hide, in a tangle of red tape, the simple truth that Santa Monicans have voted to take control of our airport land, and we will not be stopped.  It is highly unfortunate, though hardly surprising given its past actions, that yet again the FAA favors aviation interests to the detriment of the health and safety of the families that live near the Airport.”

The City of Santa Monica maintains that the City’s obligations expired June 29, 2014.

“The FAA’s decision is inconsistent with best grant management practices,” says Nelson Hernandez, Senior Advisor for Airport Affairs. “In the meantime, we will continue to take every action necessary to promote the health and safety of our residents.”

After the fourth extension the FAA filed in October, the City has been demanding the FAA do their job and expedite the release of their decision.

“The decision from the FAA is no surprise, particularly since the FAA gets to be essentially its own judge and jury”, said City Attorney Marsha Moutrie. “Once we have had time to carefully review the Director’s Determination, we will make recommendations to the City Council.  This decision is not yet final.  There are two more levels of appeal within the FAA, followed by judicial review in the federal court of appeals.”


“FAA:  Stop Your Stalling on Santa Monica Airport”

Sign the petition at
12/2/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press – full page ad on page 7

“After four unexplained delays, Friday, December 4, 2015 is the deadline for the Federal Aviation Administration to finally deliver an important ruling on Santa Monica Airport.
The question before the FAA is simple – what is the expiration date of grant agreements between the FAA and the City of Santa Monica? It has been our position that our federal obligation of=to operate Santa Monica Airport expired in 2014, while national aviation interests have tried to assert that they remain in effect until 2023. Why won’t the FAA release their ruling?

The Santa Monica Airport dates to 1919 and was never designed to handle today’s jet aircraft. Yet, every day, corporate and personal jets fly just above the rooftops of family homes that are just 300 feet from the end of the runway. There is no dispute that the City of Santa Monica owns the airport. Still, the FAA has repeatedly blocked the City from taking even the simplest and most sensible steps to protect the security, health and safety of thousands of nearby residents in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. There’s no excuse for the FAA’s repeated delays. It’s time for action. Our message to the FAA is simple: #FAADoYourJob. If you support the efforts of the City and Congressmembers Ted Lieu and Karen Bass to get a decision, go to  to sign our petition to the FAA.  Post on Facebook and Twitter. Join our email campaign! We all have jobs to do. It’s about time the FAA does theirs.

Paid for by the City of Santa Monica


“FAA:  Stop Your Stalling on Santa Monica Airport”

Sign the petition at
12/2/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press – full page ad on page 7

“Could U.S. Cities Gain Control over Airport Pollution?

12/2/15 – Next City

November 2015

“City Hires Santa Monica Airport Point Person”

11/30/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Nelson Hernandez Named Senior Advisor to Santa Monica City Manager on Airport Affairs”

11/25/15 – Santa Monica Mirror

“A Photo History of Nightmare LAX Travel, from 1928 onward”

11/25/15 – LA Curbed

Video: “Is Massive Jetliner Noise Coming to Unsuspecting LA?”

11/23/15 – LA Weekly

“Los Angeles Airport to Build Celebrity Terminal Just for Celebrities

11/19/15 – The Guardian

“Senate Unanimously Passes Amendment to Address NextGen’s CATEX Flaw”

11/19/15 – Air Impact Reform

“New Report Shows United States Must Support Strong Airplane Pollution Rules in Paris Climate Treaty”

11/18/15 – Center for Biological Diversity

“Finally, a Fair Article about NextGen Impacts”

11/17/15 – Air Impact Reform

“Like a ‘stab in your brain’ – Complaints from Bay Area residents in noisy flight path spike 2,706%”

11/17/15 – Los Angeles Times

“Surf Air co-founder sues the Santa Monica membership airline for $125 million”

11/13/15 – Los Angeles Times

“FAA: Laser Beams Hit More than 20 Aircraft Overnight”

11/13/15 – Washington Post

“New Routes Mean More Noise for Some Homes near Airports”

11/11/15 – Wall Street Journal

“Santa Monica Airport2Park Foundation to Host Fundraiser BBQ This Sunday”

11/8/15 – Santa Monica Mirror


From: Stelios.Makrides@SMGOV.NET

Sent: 11/5/2015 2:28:29 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

Subj: RE: Airport: How Santa Ana winds affect SMO

On Thursday, October 29th, the Southern California region was subjected to strong northeasterly winds (a seasonal weather phenomenon known as Santa Ana winds).  Normally, the prevailing winds in our area are from a westerly direction therefore aircraft depart (into the wind) to the west and land from the east (into the wind).  When Santa Ana winds occur the winds shift from the normal westerly flow to a northeasterly direction which causes aircraft operations to shift to an easterly departures(into the wind) and westerly arrivals (into the wind).  Aircraft arriving to Santa Monica Airport are directed by the FAA Procedures to fly north of the airport on a westbound direction that parallels the runway and turn south prior to the shoreline and turn in line with the runway to arrive at the Airport.

Although Santa Monica Airport’s aircraft were arriving from the west and departing to the east on that day, LAX aircraft operations were running on opposite direction.  LAX aircraft were arriving from the east and departing to the west.   The close proximity of the two airports requires that Santa Monica Airport and LAX air traffic controllers coordinate traffic to maintain proper separation and ensure safety.  The decision to change the departure and arrival direction of aircraft at each airport is solely depended upon the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Control (ATC) personnel who follow strict operational protocols established by the federal government at each location.

The City has no jurisdictional control over aircraft operations and the direction of travel that aircraft are instructed to follow.   The FAA has exclusive jurisdiction over aircraft in the air, including aircraft arriving or departing the Santa Monica Airport.

As previously mentioned, some aircraft are able to depart with a tailwind and on October 29 these aircraft were able to depart to the west, hence the arrivals from the west and departures to the west that the community experienced in the late afternoon on October 29. According to information that our office ascertained from the FAA’s Air Traffic Control Manager at Santa Monica, the FAA has established separation criteria to ensure the operation of aircraft arrivals and departures occurring on opposite direction are done in accordance to strict safety requirements that are established by the federal government.

Stelios Makrides
Santa Monica Airport I Airport Manager
3223 Donald Douglas Loop South | Santa Monica, CA 90405
Office 310.458.8591 | Fax 310.572.4495 | Cell 310.570.5908


“Rep. Ruben Gallegos Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Compel FAA to Reconsider Flight Routes and Address Flight Noise Problems”

11/5/15 – press release – Washington, D.C.

“LAX air traffic controllers are exhausted; overtime’s up 2,000% in last decade”

11/4/15 – Los Angeles Times
so bad even seasoned professionals seek reassignment to less stressful airports.”

“Aviators Buzz Council over New Santa Monica Airport Restrictions”

11/3/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

“NBAA Warns of ‘Severe Sanctions’ in Latest SMO Limits”

11/2/15 – Aviation International News

October 2015

“Harrison Ford Recalls His Plane Crash”

10/30/15 – YouTube excerpt from “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Opinion: “Waste of Money” – pilot Bill Worden from Venice

10/30/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“City Council Cracks Down on Santa Monica Airport Pollution”

10/29/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Rick Cole: Santa Monica’s City Manager, Champions Innovation & Real Planning”

10/25/15 – Planning Report

“Growth isn’t the only contentious issue in Santa Monica. The long-running controversy over the Santa Monica Airport crosses borders and goes all the way to Washington, D.C.  It’s both a great challenge and an opportunity. After three months on the job, I am not as versed in the history and complexity as those who’ve been fighting this battle for three decades. But one thing is clear: This tiny airport dating to 1919 is an unsafe and unhealthy venue for corporate and personal jet traffic. It’s surrounded on four sides by close-in residential neighborhoods. Some homes are just 300 feet beyond the runway.

Last fall, Santa Monica voters repudiated a clumsy attempt by aviation interests to block the Council from exercising local control. Instead, by a decisive 60-40 margin, they supported a rival measure aimed at protecting safety and health. So our Council is demanding the FAA stop stalling and issue an administrative ruling on our claim to local control. The FAA has delayed a decision four times. This isn’t a parochial issue. Quality of life on the Westside would be significantly improved if airport facilities were eventually converted to a combination of parkland and repurposed “creative tech” spaces.”


October 28, 2015

The Tiger Squadron based at Torrance Municipal Airport (TOA) received the following e-mail from a neighbor:  “I (would) like to invite you to fly somewhere other than South Torrance. Please put on your Tango Uniforms & move to another city or better yet, another planet. You are a nuisance to Torrance and unwanted here.”

Additionally, another complaining neighbor sent the following e-mail to several allies living near Torrance: “As most of you know, we have still not resolved our problem with the “Flying Tiger Squadron”– that group of loud low-flying foreign military planes that disturb most of our neighborhoods on too frequent a basis. As mentioned at last week’s meeting, continue to call TOA Noise Abatement at (310) 784-7950. They cannot cover for these people forever, and when they get enough complaints, we can have them grounded permanently (which is what we’re working toward!). Below are a list of these violators and their contacts. Please let them know how you feel about them personally, as well. I’ve left out their cute nicknames, which they all have names like (“Sparky”,”Spud,” etc.)  The planes are mostly Russian YAKs and Asian Nanchang aircraft — go figure. In any case, it’s time to turn up the heat on these arrogant pilots.”

Since these arrogant neighbors obviously want the Tiger Squadron to solve their problem by rudely transferring the noise they don’t like to other neighborhoods, it’s time to show our support for the Tiger Squadron.  Let’s turn the tables on these rude neighbors and the City of Torrance.  Turnabout is indeed fair play.

If you are based at another airport, whenever the fancy strikes, make your way over to Torrance and fly over the South Torrance area just to make a lot of noise and disturb these people — even wake them up, so they’ll wear out the Torrance Noise Complaint line.  And, for good measure, trip some of the infamous noise monitors.

Just remember to fly in full compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations.  As far as I’m concerned this problem exists only because the City of Torrance refuses to run its airport correctly.  Instead of hustling noise complaints and using them to harass and intimidate pilots, they need to manage their communities to take the noise and not bother pilots no matter how much noise they make.

I have the e-mail addresses of every arrogant and rude neighbor that is behind this garbage and they will receive a copy of this notice as will the Tiger Squadron, the City of Torrance and the FAA.

Have a blast,
Jon Rodgers

P. O. Box 1127 * Frazier Park, CA 93225 * Tel. (661) 245-1243 * E-mail:


“Culver City residents say noise from LAX flights is on the rise”

10/25/15 – Los Angeles Times

“Los Angeles Residents Petition to Reduce Helicopter Noise”

10/21/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press

From the FAA:

“The FAA encourages interested parties to review the EA, and provide written comments during the public comment period no later than October 8, 2015….Comments can be emailed to:

City’s Response & Airport Commission’s Recommendations to the FAA’s Draft Environmental Assessment of the So CA Metroplex Project:

Go to and click on: “City’s Response & Airport Commission’s Recommendations to the FAA’s Draft Environmental Assessment of the So CA Metroplex Project.”

“What’s the future of Santa Monica Airport?” — #FAADoYourJob

City Council 10/27/15 agenda:
Item 8-D: Potential Options for Reducing Emission

Staff recommends that the City Council direct staff to:

  1. Include provisions in Santa Monica Airport (“the Airport” or “SMO”) leases that limit the sale of aircraft fuels for piston-engine aircraft to low-lead or unleaded fuels and fuels for turbine-engine aircraft to biofuels or other sustainable fuels by a date or dates certain;
  2. Include provisions in flight schools leases prohibiting lessees from using leaded fuels for flight training;
  3. Require lessees who currently sell aircraft fuel at the Airport to begin remediation of any contamination of the premises they occupy;
  4. Assess and report back to Council on the possible termination of third party fuel sales at the Airport and on the feasibility of the City taking over that function to assure that, so long as aircraft fuel is sold at the Airport, it is the most environmentally sound fuel available; and
  5. Begin developing and report back on a cap on total emissions generated by the Airport.

Excerpt from staff report: In 2010, the AQMD study was augmented when the suspension of all Airport operations for runway repaving presented an unusual opportunity to assess SMO’s impacts.

The AQMD concluded that the suspension of Airport operations resulted in a “substantial decrease” in measured ultra-fine particles and black carbon pollution.

Measurements taken on the eastern tarmac showed that concentrations of ultra-fine particles were 12 to 17 times higher when the Airport was operating.

Measurements taken at the closest home showed that levels were four to seven times higher when the Airport was operating.

Additionally, the AQMD reported that aircraft idling near the runway before
and during departure generated very high concentrations of ultra-fine particles over short time periods. These concentrations were as high as 600 times background levels. (scroll down)


Airport Commission 10/26/15 meeting agenda:
A. Jacqueline A. Seabrooks, Chief of Police, re security at Santa Monica Airport. 
B. Annual Noise & Operations Report Workshop

“Why is the FAA dragging its feet when our security, health, and safety are at stake?”

10/22/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press – page 16 – full-page ad

“What’s the future of Santa Monica Airport?”

“Council to Consider New Pollution Restrictions for Santa Monica Airport”

10/22/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Deadly Airport Toxins”

New Jersey Institute of Technology
“According to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, more than 8.5 million flights departed from US airports in 2014 alone. In addition, the number of airports increased from 15,161 in 1980 to 19,453 in 2013….Although the aviation industry plays an important role in transport, it is a leading source of toxic emissions. These include lead, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds.”


“Santa Monica Mayor Vows More Assertive Role in Battle with FAA”

10/20/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Santa Monica Mayor Kevin McKeown FAA Delays on SMO Again”

10/17/15 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Police Arrest Two Armed Robbery Suspects at Santa Monica Airport”

10/13/15 – CBS  Local

“More drones fly into LAX airspace, endangering aircraft”

10/12/15 – 89.3 KPCC

“Santa Monica Mayor Asks Congressman’s Help  in FAA Stalemate”

10/9/25 – Santa Monica Lookout

Letter from Rep. Ted Lieu to the EPA – signed by 22 members of Congress


Letter from Congressional Representatives Ted Lieu and Karen Bass to the FAA


September 2015

Opinion: “Why the Santa Monica Airport Should Become a Park”

9/23/15 – Michael Feinstein – Zocalo Public Square, KCRW

“The Airport in My Garden”

9/27/15 —

“FAA Again Postpones Decision on Issue Relating to Santa Monica Airport Closure”

9/23/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Young Pilot Looks to Fly High in Santa Monica”

9/21/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

August 2015

“Santa Monica Mayor Angered over FAA Delay”

8/25/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

“FAA Delays Part 16 Ruling”

8/24/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

“Fifteen Ways to Quiet the Skies”

8/22/15 — Air Impact Reform

“Company, FAA Working on Gulfstream IV Jet Fail-Safe Problem”

8/1/15 – Associated Press –

“No evasive action by planes seen: NTSB report cites witness to midair collision over San Diego County that killed five people”

8/28/15 – Los Angeles Times

“5 dead after executive jet and single-engine Cessna collide near San Diego’s Brown Field”

8/17/15 – Los Angeles Times

The planes — a twin-engine Sabreliner jet and a single-engine Cessna 172 – collided about two miles northeast of Brown Field Municipal Airport about 11 a.m., according to the Federal Aviation Administration. There were no survivors, officials said. Both planes were attempting to land at Brown Field, the FAA said. The cause of the collision has not been determined….

Brown Field, located 1.5 miles north of the Mexican border and 13 miles southeast of downtown San Diego, is a general aviation airport, heavily used by private, corporate, charter and government aircraft. With its two runways, it is considered a “reliever” facility to reduce usage of Lindbergh Field, the region’s international airport shared by commercial airliners and private aircraft.

“FAA Delays Part 16 Ruling”

8/24/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press
“This unexplained further delay has no apparent excuse, and just underscores the difficulty we have had in getting the FAA to work with us in good faith to determine when Santa Monica can take back legitimate control of land we unarguably own,” said Mayor Kevin McKeown in a statement.

“General Aviation Accident Rate Refuses to Shrink”

8/23/15 – AV Web
“While the airlines have made great strides in reducing the system fatal accident rate to near zero, GA has been stuck hovering between 1.1 and 1.5/100,000 hours….Even as the total hours flown have declined during the past two decades from an estimated 24.9 million in 1995 to 18.1 million in 2014—a 27 percent decline—the fatal rate has decreased by only about half that percentage.”

“5 dead after executive jet and single-engine Cessna collide near San Diego’s Brown Field”

8/17/15 – Los Angeles Times

“Pilot in fatal plane crash had a long disciplinary history with the FAA”

8/15/15 — Los Angeles Times

The pilot of a small plane that crashed earlier this month in Santa Barbara County, killing him and his passenger, had a long history of discipline by the Federal Aviation Administration and lacked the medical clearances required to fly. Government records show that David K. Martz, 58, of San Diego lost his pilot’s license three times over the years — the latest revocation occurring in 2009 after he had oral sex with an adult film actress while flying a helicopter.

Before the crash Aug. 6, Martz was facing a fourth revocation proceeding on allegations that he falsified his FAA medical certificate related to two drunken driving convictions in 2013 and 2014….Though Martz had a lengthy disciplinary record, it can be difficult for the FAA to keep reckless, incompetent or rogue pilots out of the cockpit permanently. Under federal regulations, pilots can lose their licenses for a year and get them back by successfully re-testing after the revocation period expires.

There are exceptions, however. Air transport, commercial and private pilot licenses as well as medical certificates can be revoked permanently because of drug or alcohol dependencies, serious health issues, psychological problems, lack of good moral character, criminal convictions for narcotics trafficking or knowingly installing parts in aircraft that are not FAA-certified.

According to FAA records, Martz first lost his commercial pilot’s license for a year in 1986 for flying an aircraft without a valid registration and possessing a false medical certificate — the same charge he was facing before the Santa Barbara crash.

His flight privileges were revoked again in 2004 for operating an aircraft while his pilot’s license was suspended and flying within 50 feet of people and property at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego.

The third revocation occurred in 2009 for recklessly operating a four-passenger Bell helicopter Martz had lent to an adult film company. While at the controls and hovering over San Diego, he was captured on videotape receiving oral sex from a Swedish porn star.

The FAA also has suspended Martz’s license several times starting in 2002, when he lost his flight privileges for 30 days for performing aerobatics below an altitude of 1,500 feet over a populated area. A 230-day suspension followed in 2005 after he flew passengers in a helicopter he knew was damaged.

The FAA also investigated Martz in 2006 for landing a helicopter on Wattles Drive in the Hollywood Hills to pick up Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who wanted to go to a Nine Inch Nails concert. No disciplinary action resulted, but the Los Angeles city attorney’s office charged Martz with reckless operation of an aircraft, landing an aircraft on a public road and landing an aircraft without a permit, all misdemeanors. Frank Mateljan, a city attorney spokesman, said Martz was placed on 36 months’ probation and fined $1,000 after pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

Three years later while transporting Lee again, Martz was forced to land his helicopter at Van Nuys Airport after he reportedly flew very close to a Los Angeles police chopper. Authorities said Martz took a Breathalyzer test to determine if he was intoxicated, but it was inconclusive.

“Bin Laden relatives killed in Hampshire plane crash”

8/15/15 – Telegraph
“The aircraft, which was understood to be flying from Milan-Malpensa Airport in Italy to Blackbushe airfield in Hampshire, came down after overshooting the runway and clipping a fence… The Embraer Phenom 300 jet then flipped over and landed on a number of cars in an adjacent auction site, sparking a huge blaze. Around 20 cars were completely destroyed.”

“Embraer Phenom 300 taking off from SMO” — Netjets

2/11/15 — YouTube

“Embraer Phenom 100 take-off from Santa Monica airport” – Fast Forward

2/10/15 — YouTube

“Embraer EMB 500 Phenom 100 crash”

12/8/14 – 6 fatalities –
The plane was on approach to Montgomery County Airport when it crashed a mile north of the airport into a house. All three aboard the jet were killed, as well as a mother and her children in a house the aircraft impacted.

“Air Controller Study Shows Chronic Fatigue”

8/11/15 — Associated Press

“Controllers Complain Errors Caused by Tiring Work Schedules”

8/10/15 — New York Times

“Pilot Makes Emergency Landing in Dry Area of Los Angeles River in Vernon”

8/10/15 — KTLA 5
“The Piper PA25, a banner-towing style aircraft, made the landing about 1:10 p.m., according to Ian Gregor of the FAA Pacific Division.”

“One Killed in Banner-Towing Plane Crash at Compton Airport: The fiery single-engine plane crash at the airport southwest of downtown Compton occurred during takeoff”

8/9/15 — KNBC News

VIDEO: “Tracking 24 Hours of U.S. Air Traffic”

8/6/15 — Flying

“Harrison Ford Crash near Santa Monica Airport Caused by Loose Carburetor Jet”

8/6/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

“Feds Cite Carburetor Problem in Harrison Ford Plane Crash”

8/6/15 — Yahoo News (AP)

“Lieu Urges Prompt FAA Action on Santa Monica Airport”

8/5/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Bass and Lieu Seek Response from FAA” — Rep. Ted Lieu and Rep. Karen Bass

8/2/15 — Santa Monica Dispatch

Opinion: “Seeking FAA Update on Santa Monica Airport” — Ted W. Lieu and Karen Bass

8/2/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

“Saudi official says bin Ladens killed in England plane crash”

8/1/15 — AOL (AP)
“Blackbushe Airport said the Embraer Phenom 300 jet crashed near the end of the runway while trying to land at the airfield about 40 miles (65 kilometers) southwest of London, which is used by private planes and flying clubs.”

July 2015

“Sounds of War: Navy warplanes producing deadly noise around U.S. bases” (Whidbey Island)

7/27/15 — Truthout — “To provide an idea of relative loudness of sounds: A vacuum cleaner is 70 decibels, heavy truck traffic is around 80 decibels, a chainsaw is 90 decibels, and being within approximately 100 feet of a jet engine is 140 decibels. Exposure to 140 decibels may cause immediate and permanent hearing damage or loss, as well as bleeding from the ears….’If you are exposed to below-audible levels – very low [frequency] levels but at 140 decibels – sound waves can actually fracture the liver,’ Dahlgren said. ‘If you look at their [sound level] studies from Whidbey, these jets generate sub-auditory effects that were also reaching 140 decibels. People describe that their internal organs are vibrating as these planes fly over their homes, and that is exactly what is happening.’ The low rumblings that accompany the loud jet noises are basically lower-frequency sound waves that actually cause internal organs to vibrate, causing the damage Dahlgren is speaking of, even if the rumblings don’t sound loud. “

“LAX could see more than 100 million travelers a year by 2040”

7/26/15 — Los Angeles Times

“Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aircraft Endanger Public Health and Welfare”

7/23/15 – Oregon Aviation Watch

“Council postpones decision on aviation leases at SMO”

7/20/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Swift Fuels Launches Unleaded Avgas”

7/19/15 – General Aviation News

“Santa Monica Denies Four SMO Aviation Tenants 3-Year Leases”

7/17/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

“Fractional Operators Face Sunset of Tax Relief”

7/16/15 — AIN Online

“Santa Monica Officials Call FAA ‘Frustrating’ “

7/16/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Council Tackles Airport Leases”

7/16/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

“City Council to Tackle Lobbying, Santa Monica Airport Leases”

7/13/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Officials Meet with FAA as City Considers New SMO Leases”

7/10/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

“How to fly on a private jet for under $150 per person”

7/10/15 — Market Watch

“City officials lobby FAA to close Santa Monica Airport”

7/9/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

“Local Officials Meet with FAA on Santa Monica Airport”

7/9/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

“Mayor McKeown letter to Congressman Ted Lieu”

7/9/15 — City of Santa Monica web site

Transcript of remarks from Mayor Kevin McKeown and Councilmember Sue Himmelrich to the FAA in Washington, D.C., on July 8, 2015

7/8/15 — City of Santa Monica web site,_2015.aspx

“FAA Agreement with the City Finally Expires, City Leaders to Go to Washington, D.C.”

7/3/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

“Airport Debate Takes Flight in D.C.”

7/1/15 — The Argonaut

“Celebrating the Start of the Park”

7/1/15 —
“At the event Mayor McKeown spoke about the…official ending of the 1984 agreement that has thus far constrained the ability of the City to make changes at the airport. The Mayor reaffirmed Council and staff’s 100% commitment to fast tracking the creation of additional park and playing field space on the 12 acres of land currently allocated to aircraft tie downs.  He pointed out…that the budget for the planning process has already been allocated.  The Mayor also spoke of the upcoming trip to Washington, D.C., to talk with the FAA, noting that it will be attended not only by himself, but also Council members Vazquez and Himmelrich, as well as the City Attorney and other members of City staff. This meeting was organized by our congressional representatives Ted Lieu and Karen Bass to provide a forum for the City and community members to express concerns regarding the current situation at Santa Monica Airport.”

June 2015

“What’s next for Santa Monica Airport”

6/30/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“FAA to meet with lawmakers, activists over SMO fate”

6/25/15 — AIN Online

“SMO Countdown Begins”

6/24/15 – The Argonaut

“Private Jets Take Off for Business Travelers”

6/22/15 — USA Today

“Attention!  All Concerned Residents!”

6/20/15 — Santa Monica Dispatch

” ‘Start the Park,’ Celebration of New Era at Airport, on July 1″

6/18/15 — Santa Monica Dispatch

“FAA Says Plan for Santa Monica Airport Flight Paths Won’t Revive Rejected Route”

6/16/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

“FAA proposes state-of-art traffic control system for L.A.’s crowded skies”

6/16/15 — Los Angeles Times

Opinion: “Screaming jets and squeaky wheels” — Alan Levenson

6/16/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

“NBAA Concerned About EPA’s Plans for Aircraft-Emission Regulations”

6/10/15 — National Business Aviation Association

“The EPA’s Significant yet Totally Insufficient Approach to Plane Emissions”

6/10/15 — FiveThirtyEight

“EPA says it intends to regulate aircraft emissions”

6/10/15 —

“Will FAA plan impact flights over Santa Monica?”

6/8/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

“Library Meeting Will Discuss Possible FAA Changes for Santa Monica Airport”

6/8/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

“Here’s Why Obama Is Cracking Down on Airplane Pollution”

6/5/15 — Mother Jones

“Phoenix sues FAA over flight path changes”

6/1/15 — The Arizona Republic

May 2015

“A Matter of Trust”

5/24/15 — Aviation Impact Reform

“NetJets Trounces Rivals”

5/16/15 — Barron’s

“Have Talks to Reduce Helicopter Noise in Los Angeles County Hit a Wall?”

5/16/15 – Daily Breeze

“Ordinance to Limit Santa Monica Airport Pollutants?”

5/15/15 – Santa Monica Mirror — “I’ll point out – I think it was five years ago – we had to close the runway for a few days to do some repaving and we asked the Air Quality Management District to do some air quality studies,” said Mayor McKeown. “We found during the few days that the runway was shut down that particulate matter in the immediate vicinity was reduced by a factor of 12 to 17 times. “

“More People Die on Private or Charter Jets than Flying Commercial”

5/15/15 — Bloomberg

“Santa Monica Airport emission standards to be reviewed”

5/14/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

“Airport emissions, Zoning Ordinance Come before Council”

5/12/15 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“FAA to Re-Evaluate Method for Measuring Effects of Aircraft Noise”

5/7/15 – FAA press release —

“Private jets shut down Las Vegas Airport before Saturday’s big fight”

5/3/15 – People magazine,,20920316,00.html

“Santa Monica City Council Votes on Plan to Restrict Aviation at SMO”

5/1/14 — AIN Online

April 2015

“USC Researchers to Do a Pilot Study on LAX Air Pollution and Asthma”

4/30/15 – USC Environmental Health Centers

“Mayor willing to meet with FAA about Airport”

4/14/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Clearing the Air around Santa Monica Airport” – Martin Rubin

4/13/15 – Santa Monica Mirror

Email from Mayor Kevin McKeown on April 11, 2015:

Many of you have inquired, some repeatedly, about the City’s reasons for
the decision of March 24th, which included leasing choices which some of
you found confusing or even inexplicable.  Because I must be careful to
preserve the attorney-client privilege existing between the City Attorney
and the City Council on matters on pending or threatened litigation, I
have undoubtedly disappointed some of you with my unwillingness to share
details from discussions held in closed session.

Much to my relief, the City Attorney has herself late yesterday sent out
an email to one resident which I can now share, as it automatically
becomes a public record.

Email from City Attorney Marsha Moutrie on April 10, 2015:

You inquired about the rationale for staff’s recommendation to Council
that it approve 3 year leases with specified non-aviation and aviation
tenants at the Airport.

Staff’s thinking is explained in the staff report for the 3/24 meeting.
Basically, there are two presently pending cases about the City’s
ability to control Airport operations and use of the land presently
occupied by the Airport.

One is a Part 16 administrative proceeding before the FAA. It will eventually settle the question of whether the federal grant assurances
expired last year or whether they will remain in effect until 2023. Those assurances severely limit the City’s ability to regulate
Airport operations.  The duration of that proceeding is uncertain. I anticipate that the FAA will proceed very deliberately.
Perhaps there will be a final administrative decision this year; Perhaps not.  And, an appeal to the 9th or the D.C. Circuit is certain.

The other case is the City’s lawsuit against the FAA, which outside counsel
filed in the fall of 2013.  It is presently in the 9th Circuit on appeal
of order granting the federal government’s motion to dismiss.  Briefing
is complete, but no hearing date set.  If the City prevails, the case
will go back to the trial court.  So, it is difficult to predict the
case’s duration.  If the City ultimately loses, I expect that other
litigation will be instituted to assert the City’s rights as property

So, as explained in the 3/24 staff report, both this office and
outside counsel assume that the litigation over control of the land will
be ongoing for the next three years.  Meanwhile, the FAA takes the
position that the City must continue to operate the Airport.  Should the
City attempt to close all or part of the Airport or even to “starve” the
Airport during this interim period, past experience shows that the FAA
will obtain a federal court order maintaining the status quo, as it did
in the litigation over the C&D jet ban.

Because the City is involved in a legal battle over control of the
Airport and the land it now occupies and that battle will go on for the
next few years, and because closing all or part of the Airport is not
realistically possible while that litigation remains pending, staff
recommended 3 year leases for both non-aviation and aviation tenants.

Among other things, and as the staff report explains, this approach
maintains the revenue stream which supports Airport operations (so that
resident taxpayers do not have to subsidize the Airport).  This approach
also preserves the cultural uses that the City values which cannot
survive on month to month leases.
As I am sure you know from your communications with the Mayor, the
Council is acutely aware of the fact that many community members favor
the swiftest possible closure of the Airport.  This office’s and  outside
counsel’s considered opinion is that granting only month to month
tenancies to all tenants would not have hastened any closure of all or
part of the Airport which may occur in the future.


“Surf Air, the members-only airline, is poised for a growth spurt”

4/10/15 – Los Angeles Times — Pay $1,750 a month. Fly as much as you want. Arrive a few minutes before takeoff. Park for free. Forget TSA security; you don’t even need an ID to board. And then get comfortable — on this fast-rising California airline, every seat is both a window and an aisle.

Letter from Mayor McKeown to Representatives Ted Lieu and Karen Bass re SMO –


“Ted Lieu, Karen Bass Suggest Facilitating Meeting between City and FAA in Washington, DC”

4/5/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

“Complaint system for helicopter noise begins operations countywide”

4/1/15 – Los Angeles Times

March 2015

Opinion: “Council Session on Airport Future Is Productive” — John Fairweather

3/28/15 — Santa Monica Dispatch

“Coexisting at Santa Monica Airport: Three-Year Aviation Leases, New Parks”

3/27/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

“Santa Monica Council OKs New Lease Terms for Airport Tenants”

3/26/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

VIDEO: “Santa Monica Protestors Crowd City Hall Front Steps”

3/26/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

“Council to wait out SMO litigation”

3/26/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

Video of 3/25/15 City Council hearing on the Airport:

“Santa Monica City Council revises lease terms for airport tenants”

3/25/15 — Los Angeles Times

“Air pollution takes a double toll on babies’ brains”

3/25/15 – Los Angeles Times

“Santa Monica Residents Attend City Council Meeting to Debate Future of Controversial Airport”

3/24/15 — KTLA News

Opinion: “A Message from David Goddard, Airport Commission Chair”

3/23/15 — Santa Monica Dispatch

“Step Forward or Backing Down: Council Debates Airport Plans”

3/23/15 — Santa Monica Next

Opinion: “When It Comes to Santa Monica Airport, It’s Hurry Up and Wait” — Frank Gruber

3/20/15 — The Healthy City Local blog

Opinion: “Harrison Ford Crashes into the Santa Monica Airport Issue” — Steve Stajich

3/21/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “Plane Crash Is a Wake-Up Call” — Alan Levenson

3/20/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Airport lawsuits abound”

3/20/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

“City Hall Suggests Cautious Plans for Santa Monica Airport”

3/19/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Former Airport Commissioner Offers Advice to Council” – Ofer Grossman

3/17/15 – Santa Monica Dispatch

“FAA Would Likely Win Court Battle to Prevent Santa Monica Airport Closure”

3/19/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

Editorial: “Stronger ozone standards are more than a moral and legal imperative”

3/16/15 — Los Angeles Times

“La Vida So Cal: Keeping Up with the Indiana Joneses” — Tony Peyser cartoon

3/11/15 — The Argonaut

“Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash Stokes Calls for Airport Closure”

3/11/15 — The Argonaut — “For Carlos Gomez, actor Harrison Ford’s crash-landing in Venice was a little too close for comfort. A Dewey Street resident, 39-year-old Gomez lives less than 100 yards from Penmar Golf Course, where Ford brought down his vintage Ryan PT-22 airplane last Thursday. ‘This is the fifth time I’ve seen a plane crash here, and I’m afraid that someday some big jet is going to crash into my house or one of my neighbor’s houses. Just imagine if that happened,’ he said.”

“Harrison Ford’s Plane Lost Power following Santa Monica Airport Takeoff, NTSB Says”

3/11/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

“Federal Authorities Confirm that Harrison Ford’s Aircraft Lost Power after Takeoff”

3/10/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

“Harrison Ford’s plane lost power before LA crash: investigators”

3/10/15 — Reuters

“$1.3 Million Spent to Support Ballot Measures”

3/10/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press — “Spending in support of ballot measures last year more than doubled the combined ballot measure spending in the previous two elections. Of the more than $1,315,000 that was spent on initiatives, most came from one pro-Santa Monica Airport group.

Santa Monicans for Open and Honest Development Decisions spent $872,593 to get Measure D on the ballot and then in support of the measure, which ultimately failed in a landslide at the polls.

“Measure D would have required a public vote on significant changes to the controversial airport and the political action committee, backed largely by out-of-state aviation groups, spent more to support the doomed measure than any group in recent Santa Monica history. Harrison Ford, who crashed his plane at the golf course just outside of the airport last week, contributed $25,000 to that campaign. Opponents of the measure and supporters of its counterpoint, Measure LC, spent $157,711. Measure LC passed.”

“Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash Brings International Attention to Santa Monica Airport”

3/9/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

“Calista Flockhart Bedside Vigil: ‘Ally McBeal’ Bans Husband Harrison Ford from Flying After Crash”

3/8/15 — Inquisitr

“Santa Monica Airport’s ‘Spotless Record’ Is a Myth”

3/8/15 — Santa Monica Dispatch

Opinion: “Airport hardly seems unsafe” — Steve Roberts, Toluca Lake

3/8/15 — Los Angeles Times

“A Look Back on 45 Years of Aviation Accidents/Incidents at Santa Monica Airport”

3/7/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

“Aviation Accidents/Incidents Connected with Santa Monica Airport (SMO)”

3/7/15 — Santa Monica Dispatch

“20 years of Santa Monica Airport planes crashes”

3/6/15 — Santa Monica Patch

“The Way the Other Side Thinks”

3/6/15 –

“Lost Engine Power May Be Cause of Harrison Ford’s Crash — His Third in 2 Decades”

3/6/15 — Venice/Mar Vista Patch

“Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash Draws Attention to Safety Concerns In Santa Monica”

3/6/15 — CBS Los Angeles — Interviews with Martin Rubin and Christian Fry

“Harrison Ford Crash Leaves Questions over Future of Santa Monica Airport”

3/6/15 – NBC Los Angeles

“Will Harrison Ford Be the One to Shut Down SaMo Airport?”

3/6/15 — LA Curbed

“Harrison Ford Plane Crash Becomes Rallying Cry for Airport Neighbors”

3/6/15 — The Guardian

“Santa Monica Residents React to Ford’s Crash in Neighborhood” — video

3/6/15 – Los Angeles Times

“Harrison Ford’s plane crash could spur efforts to close Santa Monica Airport”

3/6/15 — Los Angeles Times

“Harrison Ford Recovering after Plane Crash Next to Santa Monica Airport”

3/6/15 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Small Plane Crashes at Penmar Golf Course in Venice”

3/5/15 — KTLA News — If you watch the video news report, near the end it appears from the aerial view that the plane ended up at the NE corner of Penmar Golf Course, across the street from homes on the north side of Dewey, and a few houses west of 23rd St. — “Harrison Ford was the pilot who was injured after a small World War II-era plane he was flying crashed at a city golf course in Venice Thursday afternoon, a source close to the Ford family told KTLA.

Ford, a 72-year-old longtime aviator, was going into surgery for broken bones in his ankle and pelvis, the source said about four hours after the crash was reported — shortly before 2:30 p.m.”

“Harrison Ford crash-lands at Penmar Golf Course”

3/5/15 — The Argonaut

“Harrison Ford injured in golf course plane crash”

3/5/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

“Harrison Ford Crashes Plane in Golf Course”

3/5/15 — Santa Monica Dispatch

“Harrison Ford in Single Engine Plane Crash at Penmar Golf Course”

3/5/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

“Harrison Ford ‘battered but OK’ after crashing plane into Venice golf course”

3/5/15 — Venice/Mar Vista Patch

“Harrison Ford Crash Heightens Airport Safety Debate”

3/5/15 — Los Angeles Times

“Harrison Ford, hurt in plane crash, had earlier aviation misadventures”

3/5/15 — Los Angeles Times

“Santa Monica Airport Records 2.62 Inches of Rain from Two Storms”

3/3/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

“Map: California Neighborhoods Affected by Lead from Aviation Fuel”

March 2015 — Center for Environmental Health

February 2015

“Anti-Airport Activists Footed with $31,525 Anti-SLAPP Legal Bill”

2/27/15 — Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “New fuels on the horizon will help clear the air at Santa Monica Airport” — Joe Bates

2/28/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Airport2Park Foundation Formed”

2/26/15 — Santa Monica Dispatch

“New Foundation Aims to Bring a Park to Santa Monica Airport Property”

2/25/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Commission Seeks Market Rates for Santa Monica Airport Leases”

2/25/15 — Santa Monica Daily Press

“Getting the Lead Out” — Environmentalists score a victory against toxic airplane exhaust in Westchester and Santa Monica

2/18/15 — The Argonaut

“Big Money Spent on Santa Monica’s November Ballot Measures”

2/4/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

January 2015

“Bay Area techies take to the sky”

1/31/15 — San Jose Mercury News

“EPA denies petition to change Avgas decision”

1/29/15 — AOPA News

“Aviation Advocacy Group Files Brief in Santa Monica Lawsuit”

1/27/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

“NBAA, AOPA Support FAA Effort to Deny Appeal to Curtail Operations at Santa Monica Airport”

1/26/15 — National Business Aviaton Association — “The brief, filed Jan. 22, also restates the position held by AOPA and NBAA that SMO is an important airfield within the Los Angeles basin, representing a vital link to the national transportation system. Furthermore, the brief notes the ominous precedent that could be set for airports across the country should Santa Monica be allowed to take control of the airport property in this manner.

“NBAA Western Regional Representative Stacy Howard noted the city has repeatedly attempted over the past 50 years to restrict operations at SMO, with each prior case determined in favor of the federal government. ‘The city’s arguments in this latest appeal are much the same as before,’ she concluded. “We feel strongly that the court’s initial ruling will be upheld.’ “

“Top General Aviation Airport Advocate Goes Solo”

1/7/15 — Aero News Network — “Retiring From AOPA, V.P. Of Airport Advocacy, Bill Dunn Launches New Company….Dunn is perhaps best known for his hands-on efforts to keep the airports open, including his 2003 orchestration of local GA interests to keep developers from closing historic Albert Whitted Airport in St. Petersburg, Florida.  In 2006 and again in 2008, he worked with local advocates in Oceanside, Calif., to elect pro-airport members of the city council and head off closure of that airport.”

“Santa Monica Airport Commissioners, Attorney Spar on Legality of Emission Regulations”

1/6/15 — Santa Monica Lookout

“As Din of Aircraft Grows, East Hampton Reclaims Power to Regulate Airport”

1/4/15 — New York Times



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