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“How LUVE gives a voice to Santa Monica residents”

4/30/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“California Teen Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low”

4/29/16 – Santa Monica Patch

“Criticism but no punishment for Councilwoman O’Connor”

4/28/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Council Member Criticized by Colleagues”

4/28/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Peace, LUVE and Understanding in Santa Monica” – Charles Andrews

4/27/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Oscar-winning Guest Conductor Michael Giacchino Will Be Conducting the Samohi Symphony Orchestra Concert Tomorrow”

4/28/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“City of Santa Monica Reorganizes to Help Create New Transportation Model”

4/27/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Video: “Brock on Your Block Investigates Ongoing Noise Complaints and Speaks with Stephanie Kong Uhler” – Mid City Neighbors and PS1

4/27/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Samohi Wins Silver Medal, Ranks 112 in California”

4/26/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Santa Monica Hires New Fire Chief”

4/25/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“LUVE Petition in Final Countdown Mode”

4/24/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “Myths and Truths about Santa Monica’s LUVE Initiative” – Santa Monica Architects for a Responsible Tomorrow — Sam Tolkin, Architect; Dan Jansenson, Architect; Mario Fonda-Bonardi, AIA, Planning Commissioner; Ron Goldman, FAIA;  Thane Roberts, AIA;; Bob Taylor, AIA; Armen Melkonians, Environmental Engineer; Phil Brock, Chair, Recreation & Parks Commission

4/23/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Names New Fire Chief”

4/23/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Why Fear LUVE?” — Don Wagner, Santa Monica

4/22/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“City protections credited for stabilizing federally supported affordable housing”

4/22/16 – Santa Monica Daily News

“Independent Review Released of Charter City Best Practices”

4/18/16 – City of Santa Monica Newsroom

Opinion:  “What the Expo Line won’t do for Santa Monica” — Peter Altschuler, Santa Monica

4/22/16 – Los Angeles Times

“Will Santa Monica’s Expo Line get you out of your car?”

4/20/16 – Los Angeles Times

“Housing talks abound at City Council”

4/20/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “War for the soul of Santa Monica” – Charles Andrews

4/20/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Ethics Review Finds Lapses in Judgement”

4/20/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica-Malibu Schools Get Failing Grades in Closing Achievement Gap”

4/20/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Ethics report identifies shortfalls in city procedures”

4/19/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Key Negotiator in Santa Monica-Malibu District Separation Talks Resigns”

4/19/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Relocated Santa Monica Tenants Getting More Help”

4/18/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Will We Love LUVE and Tighten LUCE?” – Steve Stajich

4/18/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Lawsuit Pauses Santa Monica-Malibu School District Split Talks”

4/18/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Downtown housing conundrum” – Mario Fonda-Bonardi, AIA, for SMa.r.t Thinking.
(Santa Monica Architects for a Responsible Tomorrow)

4/16/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Vegetation Fire Threatens Six Homes, Quelled by SMFD” – (Sunset Park)

4/15/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Santa Monica’s Pico Neighborhood to Get Upgraded Crosswalks”

4/15/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“SMC, Uber partner on carpool service”

4/15/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“City Could Sell Santa Monica Trailer Park”

4/14/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Planning for our future” – City Manager Rick Cole and Planning Director David Martin

4/14/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“LA Area Rental Prices to Continue to Soar, Report Predicts”

4/14/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Alcohol is affecting our teens more than we thought”

4/13/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“City sued over at-large election policy”

4/13/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Plans for Expo Line’s Arrival”

4/13/16 – The Argonaut

“Culture shift needed to close SMMUSD achievement gap”

4/12/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Group Backs Needle Disposal Plan”

4/12/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Wide Gender Gap in Pay for Women in Santa Monica District”

4/12/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “No LUVE for affordable housing” — Judy Abdo, Leslie Lambert, Juan Matute, Craig Hamilton, Tim Harter, Natalya Zernitskaya, and Cynthia Rose for Santa Monica Forward

4/12/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Lawsuit Filed against Santa Monica City by Coalition of Latino Residents and Neighborhood Groups”

4/12/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“LA’s Koreatown’s about to get even more crowded thanks to new development”

4/11/16 – KPCC-FM 89.3

“How will Santa Monica handle raising sea levels?”

4/11/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Improving equity in SMMUSD a ‘daunting’ but worthy task”

4/11/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Officials Release Details of Expo Festivities”

4/11/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion:  “A growing need for LUVE” – Brandon Marlowe

4/9/26 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Finding a fresh start with Chrysalis”

4/7/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Samohi grad launches local barbershop”

4/6/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica College floats $295 million bond measure”

4/8/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Slow Growth Group Extends Petition Deadline”

4/7/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Man Stabbed to Death at Step Up on 5th Santa Monica”

4/7/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Murder on 5th Street”

4/6/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Noguera to reveal SMMUSD equity findings”

4/6/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Meets Required Water Cut Usage”

4/5/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“SMC Employees to Picket SMC Board of Trustees Meeting Tomorrow”

4/4/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “Upcoming elections — development No.1 issue” – Bill Bauer

4/4/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Enforces Alcohol Laws While Making Liquor Plentiful”

4/4/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“How a Samohi grad aids schools in the developing world — and why”

4/4/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “What’s missing from Santa Monica’s downtown plan” – Ron Goldman and Sam Tolkin for SMa.r.t Thinking (Santa Monica Architects for a Responsible Tomorrow)

4/2/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Community Consultation Key to Extended DCP” (Downtown Community Plan)

4/1/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Vote on Santa Monica Downtown Plan Delayed Yet Again”

3/31/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Boyle Heights student drowns during beach cleanup”

3/31/16 — Los Angeles Times

“Pacific Park Ferris Wheel to Get New Lights”

3/31/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Planning Commission to Consider New Fire Station Downtown”

3/30/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Downtown Construction Nearing Completion”

3/30/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Downtown Community Plan Extended into 2017”

3/30/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“In Memory of an Honest Man: Los Angeles mourns the death of former City Councilman Bill Rosendahl” —

3/30/16 – The Argonaut

“Former Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl Has Died Following a Four-Year Battle with Cancer”

3/30/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“More Time for the Draft Downtown Community Plan”

3/29/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Traffic: ‘Could I Have My 81 Hours Back, Please?’ “– Steve Stajich

3/28/16 — Santa Monica Mirror

“Will a longtime resident of a rent-controlled unit be able to stay?”

3/28/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Answering questions about Santa Monica’s LUVE Initiative” – Sma.r.t Thinking

3/26/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Slow Growth Group Raises $20K for Santa Monica Ballot Measure”

3/25/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Park list approved for county research project”

3/25/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Congressman Ted Lieu Statement on SEC Climate Change Order to ExxonMobil”

3/24/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “Know thine enemy, for he is loaded” – Charles Andrews

3/23/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Outside Looking Inward”

3/23/16 – The Argonaut

“Santa Monica High Orchestra’s trip canceled after Belgium bombings”

3/23/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Registration required to vote in primary elections”

3/23/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
The forms can also be downloaded from the Secretary of State’s website at  http://registertovote.ca.gov — To check your registration status, visit:  http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/registration-status

Opinion: “The renaming of Buffer Park” – Christel Andersen

3/23/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Emergency alert test scheduled for tsunami preparedness week”

3/22/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Aging Santa Monica High School to Expand by Nearly 50 Percent”

3/22/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Samohi to grow by 47 percent”

3/21/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “500 Broadway another monument to bad planning” – Bill Bauer

3/21/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Metro Test Running Santa Monica-Culver City Expo Trains to Prepare for Opening”

3/21/16 – Santa Monica Patch

Opinion: “6 reasons to support Santa Monica’s LUVE Initiative” – SMa.r.t thinking

3/19/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“City Yards project moves forward with public input”

3/19/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
The proposed plan will come before City Council this summer and, if passed, will move on to the design phase. For more information, visit:  www.smgov.net/departments/publicworks/Architectureproject.aspx?id=26499

City of Santa Monica – Annual Report for 2014-15 — 

92,987 residents (2014 census estimate)
9,359 K-12 students
45,215 Santa Monica College students during 2014-15 (not included in the City’s report
9,204 businesses
78,222 jobs
7.3 million visitors
$51 million in sales tax
324,000 calls to Dispatch
Fire Department responded to 14,615 emergency incidents (78% EMS related)
34 Wi-Fi locations
127 bike lanes and sharrows
99% of households live within .5 miles of transit


VIDEO:  Brock on Your Block: “Give Me Some LUVE”

3/18/16 – Santa Monica Mirror
http://www.smmirror.com/articles/News/Brock-on-Your-Block-Give-Me-Some-LUVE-Video/45203 — Phil Brock talks with Armen Melkonians, Residocracy Founder, about Santa Monica’s LUVE initiative.

“Phone poll questions LUVE initiative”

3/17/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“College Bond Measure Considered for Santa Monica”

3/17/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “How Medicare’s Hospice Benefit Works” — David Sayen, Medicare’s regional administrator for Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and the Pacific Territories.

3/17/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization has a website that allows you to look up local providers based on your zip code, at www.nhpco.org/find-hospice For more information on Medicare’s hospice benefit, including costs, please go to:  https://www.medicare.gov/Pubs/pdf/02154.pdf — You can always get answers to your Medicare questions by calling 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

“Gelson’s open to the public”

3/17/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press   

“Familiar Faces Line the Aisle: Employees Return to Open Supermarket”

3/17/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Santa Monica State Senator Authors Bill to Protect Marine Wildlife”

3/16/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Palisades High School Begins Healing Process after Hate Speech Graffiti: Students Arrested Last Night”

3/16/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Dude, Where’s My Car? CHP Issues Theft Warning”

3/15/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Top 10 Worst Traffic in the World: Santa Monica (10) Freeway between 20th and Alameda”

3/15/16 – Santa Monica Mirror
http://www.smmirror.com/articles/News/Top-10-Worst-Traffic-in-the-World-Santa-Monica-10-Freeway-between-20th-and-Alameda/45202 –To the surprise of no one who drives on Southland freeways, the Los Angeles metro area was ranked as the nation’s most congested region in a study released today, with motorists spending an average of 81 hours stuck in traffic in 2015….The study also identified the top 10 worst stretches of roadway across the globe, and four of them are in Los Angeles:
— the Ventura/Hollywood (101) Freeway from Topanga Canyon boulevard to Vignes Street;
— the 101 Freeway between the Pomona (60) Freeway and Haskell Avenue;
— the Santa Monica (10) Freeway between 20th and Alameda streets; and the Golden State (5) Freeway between Cesar Chavez and Valley View avenues.

“Paltrow bankrolls local school projects”

3/15/16 — – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “City-planned festivities for Expo a waste of money”

3/14/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Planning Commission Endorses Major Downtown Santa Monica Project”

3/11/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Symphony to Raise the Roof with Latin Flair”

3/11/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Unrequited L.U.V.E. – New Initiative Pits Residents against Developers”

3/10/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Council Members Could Consider Initiative to Counter LUVE”

3/10/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Proposed LUVE Initiative Getting Little Support from Santa Monica Council Members”

3/9/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica’s Available Affordable Housing Disappearing”

3/9/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Downtown Santa Monica Has Evolved Some DNA”

3/9/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Coastal Commission names interim director at heated Santa Monica meeting”

3/9/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Plan for Aging City Yards Gets Public Airing”

3/8/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Downtown Plan Will ‘Open Floodgates’ to Major Development”

3/8/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“LUVE Ballot Initiative Launch Draws a Crowd”

3/7/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “Showing the World Some LUVE” – Bill Bauer

3/7/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“New Billionaire Towers Revealed”

3/7/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “6 Questions about Santa Monica’s Downtown Plan” – Sma.r.t Thinking

3/5/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

  1. How many residential units should be added downtown during the next 14 years?
  2. How will this growth affect the character of downtown?
  3. How does the Downtown Community Plan help in preserving older buildings?
  4. Does the DCP incentivize reducing the City’s need for water?
  5. Will the DCP’s mobility plan really increase mobility downtown?
  6. Where is downtown’s center?

“LUVE Initiative Kick-Off and Rally Tomorrow”

3/5/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Santa Monica High wins Ocean Bowl regional”

3/5/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Tough Road for Voter Initiatives in Santa Monica”

3/4/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica College Gets New Police Chief”

3/4/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“The SMCPD Ushers in the Era of Adams” (Santa Monica College Police Department)

3/4/16 – The Corsair

“A Swimming Grand Opening: Santa Monica Swim Center Gets a Facelift”

3/4/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “Rooting against a new Big Blue Bus route” — Donya Mogadam, Venice

3/4/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Queries Residents on Travel Modes”

3/3/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Lobbying Rules to Begin in the Fall”

3/3/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Rewrites Lobbying Rules”

3/2/16 – The Argonaut

“City has a million reasons for pursue old fines”

3/2/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica’s Homeless Population Declines”

3/2/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Homeless Count Released Tonight at Meeting: 728 Point-in-time Homeless Counted”

3/1/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “New Plan, Old Concerns” – Sma.r.t Thinking – Ron Goldman and Dan Jansenson

3/1/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“City reports results of 2016 homeless count”

3/1/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
The Count is not a cumulative number of people who may experience homelessness throughout the year, nor does it accurately represent the number of homeless people who may be present in the City during daytime hours, but sleep elsewhere.

  • The point-in-time homeless count total is 728 individuals, a decrease from 738 (1%) in 2015.
  • The street count is 416, an increase from 402 (3%) in 2015.
  • Within the street count, individuals sleeping in vehicles/encampments remained equal to number found in 2015, with 73 counted.
  • Shelter and institution population is 312, a decrease from 336 (7%) in 2015.

“Eddie Lopez’s Family Pens Letters to Thank the Community”

3/1/16 – Santa Monica Mirror
http://www.smmirror.com/articles/News/Eddie-Lopezs-Family-Pens-Letters-to-Thank-the-Community/45142 — (Note from Zina: Eddie had attended Grant Elementary and JAMS.)
Ten years ago this month, 15-year-old Eddie Lopez was shot and killed while walking with friends near Virginia Avenue Park. The popular Santa Monica High School student and passionate baseball player was loved by many in the community. On Sunday, February 28, a memorial mass for Eddie was held at St. Monica Catholic Church. The church was full. The family thanks Monsignor Torgerson for his support. Many friends and family gathered at Virginia Avenue Park for a potluck meal afterwards. Many of Eddie’s SAMOHI friends were there. The Lopez family appreciates all of the support.

Opinion: “The Devil in the Details” – Bill Bauer

2/29/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Outreach beginning for Downtown Community Plan”

2/29/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
For more information about the DCP and outreach opportunities, visit downtownsmplan.net

“Interviews begin for new Fire Chief”

2/29/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“A Decade Later, Santa Monica Mourns Death of Slain Teenager”

2/27/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
Eddie Lopez was a popular student, a promising outfielder in Santa Monica High School’s baseball program and a loving son and grandson. He never got the chance to be more. Ten years ago this month, Lopez was shot and killed while walking with friends {near Pico and 26th]. He was 15 years old. It’s been a difficult decade filled with mourning and healing for those who knew Lopez, and community members want to make sure he is not forgotten.…In November 2013, following a two-week trial, Jose Contreras Zapien was convicted of murder in the 2006 slayings of Lopez and 22-year-old Miguel Martin. Zapien was also convicted of 12 other attempted murders. In early 2014, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole….Meanwhile, members of the local community cling to fond memories of Lopez. Fernando Padilla, a former Santa Monica firefighter, said he got to know Lopez because he and Padilla’s son played baseball together. He said he sometimes picked up Lopez for practices and games and that the boy was often running late because he was helping his grandmother.

“Santa Monica Students Reach the Music Center Spotlight Semifinals”

2/27/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Did the city throw residents under the buses?” – Jack Neworth

2/26/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“YWCA Santa Monica / Westside announces that it will close its doors on June 30, 2016”

2/26/16 – Santa Monica/Westside YWCA

“Urban Forest Task Force to the Rescue”

2/26/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Expo Will Open on May 20”

2/25/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Breaking: It’s a Spring Start for Expo”

2/25/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Civic Center Sports Field Tops Recreation Commission’s List”

2/24/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Let’s All Ask Some Simple Questions” – Charles Andrews

2/24/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Water Wasting Fines Begin Next Week”

2/23/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “A Future with Real Transportation Choices” – Santa Monica Forward

2/23/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“City Showcases Innovative Stormwater Capture Water Recycling Projects in Town”

2/22/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Residents Demand Development Voice with LUVE Ballot Initiative”

2/19/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Online Residents’ Organization Submits Ballot Measure Tying Development to Electorate”

2/19/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Ballot initiative will limit development”

2/18/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Activists Seek Change through Ballot Measure”

2/18/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Crucial Recreation and Parks Commission Meeting Tonight” – 7:30 PM – City Hall

2/18/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Neo-Conservation Is the Focus of Matrix 2.0”

2/18/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Big Blue Bus Makes Major Route Changes in Final Light Rail Preparations”

2/17/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“State’s High Court Won’t Review Case of Gang Member Convicted of Double Murder and Santa Monica Crime Spree”

2/17/16 – Santa Monica Mirror
The California Supreme Court refused today to review the case against a gang member convicted of murdering two people, including a 15-year-old boy, and trying to kill a dozen others in a crime spree in Santa Monica. Jose Zapien was convicted in November 2013 of two counts of murder for the gang-related Feb. 28, 2006, shooting death of high school athlete Eddie Lopez and the Dec. 27, 2006, killing of Miguel Martin, 20.

Opinion: “Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness” – Tim Blaylock, CEO, Boys & Girls Club

2/16/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
In Los Angeles County, we have thousands of homeless children who live in a constant shuffle, from cheap motels to dilapidated cars to cold, dark tents and even streets….More than 200,000 children are homeless in California. Nationally, one in 30 children is homeless; that’s more than 2.5 million children.

“Road Closures for the Los Angeles Marathon” – Sunday, February 14th!

2/12/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Speed Limits Revised”

2/12/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“City Reduces Speed Limits on Some Santa Monica Streets, Increases Others”

2/11/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Revised Downtown Santa Monica Plan Set for Friday Release”

2/11/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Council Adopts Plan Prioritizing Fixing Civic Auditorium, Calls for Parks Study”

2/12/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Council Punts Decision for an Athletic field at the Civic Auditorium”

2/11/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Civic Lot Stands Empty and May Do for Years”

2/11/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“New Survey Finds Santa Monica One of Most Expensive Cities in California for Apartment Rentals”

2/9/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Considers Charging City Employees for Now-Free Parking to Meet Anti-Congestion Goals”

2/10/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Kids Have Their Say on Sports Field, Vague Direction Given”

2/10/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Supporters Look to Add Sports Field to New Santa Monica Civic Auditorium”

2/9/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Time to Stop the Revolving Door in Sacramento” — Tom Elias

2/6/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

Opinion: “A Field of Dreams that Santa Monica Must Build” – Phil Brock, SMa.r.t Thinking

2/6/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Infrastructure: The New Domestic Terrorism” – Steve Stajich

2/6/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Santa Monica Rents Top Most Expensive List”

2/6/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Bands at The Broad to fund Samohi ensemble trip”

2/5/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Field Day: Students Prepare to Take on City Hall”

2/5/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Community meeting held to discuss hopes and dreams for City Yards project”

2/5/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Editor’s Note” – Matt Hall

2/5/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Considers Putting the Brakes on Driving Speeds”

2/4/16 – Santa Monica Lookout
http://www.surfsantamonica.com/ssm_site/the_lookout/news/News-2016/February-2016/02_04_2016_Santa_Monica_Considers_Putting_the_Brakes_on_Driving_Speeds.html — Excerpts: In a motion headed to the Council on February 9, the City would drop the speed limit on a variety of City streets, including some that were accidentally included in a 2013 survey of streets found able to handle speeds above 25 miles per hour — the typical speed limit for City-run streets. Those street segments which should not have been posted at above 25 mph hour to begin with are:
— 21st Street from Ocean Park Boulevard to Dewey Street 
– 22nd Street from Pico Boulevard to Ocean Park Boulevard 
– Airport Avenue from 23rd Street to east City Limit

On Ocean Park Boulevard, between Lincoln Boulevard and 14th Street, where the speed limit is now 35 mph, the drop is to 30 mph.

Meanwhile, on Marine Street, between Lincoln Boulevard and 17th Street, the 25 mph speed limit would also rise to 30 mph, a change that the report said is being prompted by the high number of drivers who already post speeds of 33 mph along that segment.

The City would tap the brakes even harder on a few other streets. Slowing down to 15 mph (instead of 25 mph) would be Bryn Mawr Avenue, from 16th Street to 18th Street; Sunset Avenue, from 16th Street to Dewey Street; and Wellesley Avenue from Ashland Avenue to 18th Street, the report recommended.


“Santa Monica reports record setting water savings”

2/4/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“State Senator Ben Allen Tackles California Teacher Shortage”

2/4/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Postal service disrupted due to staffing crunch”

2/3/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
To report problems, contact the Santa Monica Post Office at (310) 319-5369 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday) or the Postal Service Customer Care 800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777); or  www.usps.com — “Our package volume has increased 30 percent because of e-commerce, and we deliver packages seven days a week. Maher said the 4.5 billion packages delivered last year are part of the problem, but an aging workforce is also a factor. “A larger percentage of our employees are eligible for retirement and are retiring,” he said. “We can’t hire new workers fast enough.”

“Santa Monica City Council Member Pam O’Connor Defends City Employees”

2/3/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Supervisor Kuehl Accuses Coastal Commission of ‘Drifting’ from Mandate”

2/3/16 – Santa Monica Patch

“Water Quality Improves at Santa Monica Beaches, “State of the Bay” Report Finds”

2/2/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Why Consider Another Theater?” – Killeen Pilon

2/2/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Hypocrisy Drives City’s Traffic” – Bill Bauer

2/1/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Reports of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated” — Editorial

2/1/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“State of the City Highlights Santa Monica’s Feats, Flaws”

1/30/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Mayor Says State of City Is Strong”

1/29/16 – Santa Monica Lookout
Council members this year also will continue to fight for local control of Santa Monica Airport, said the mayor. “In 2016, look for your City leaders to push hard with federal elected officials and the FAA to resolve long-standing airport issues that have a negative impact on our community and our neighbors.”

“Cleanish Bill of Health for Santa Monica Bay, 5-Year Report Released”

1/29/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Split vote on new Downtown movie theater”
(proposed ArcLight Cinema, to replace Parking Structure 3 on 4th Street)

1/29/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Council Pleased with Santa Monica City Manager, Mayor Says”

1/29/16 — Santa Monica Lookout

“Pico Branch Library Becomes Second Most Visited in Santa Monica”

1/28/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“SMMUSD mulling turf replacement projects”

1/28/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“City of Santa Monica Sets Sights on $86 Million in Capital Improvements”

1/28/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Council postpones naming of buffer park” (between Exposition Blvd. and the Expo Line)

1/28/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Car Strikes Mother and Child” (14th and Pico)

1/27/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Brown is mute as coastal coup effort unfolds” – Steve Lopez

1/27/16 – Los Angeles Times

“The Essential Los Angeles Rental Heatmap of the Moment”

1/27/16 – LA Curbed
“Sunset Park in Santa Monica tops the median rent list in Los Angeles at $3,832 a month. Just to perversely bask in that unbelievable wealth for a moment, that’s a shade under $46,000 a year on rent alone. Median rents for the rest of Santa Monica are all clocking in above $3,000 as well.”

“Billions spent, but fewer people are using public transportation in Southern California”

1/27/16 – Los Angeles Times

“Driving Increases among City Employees”

1/27/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Activist Group Finds City of Santa Monica Abuses Own Campaign Limiting Driving and parking Downtown”

1/27/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica-Culver City Expo Line Sets May Opening Date”

1/26/16 – Santa Monica Patch

Opinion: “The coastline belongs to all Californians – but maybe not for long” – Steve Blank, Coastal Commissioner, 2007-2013

1/26/16 – Los Angeles Times

“Parks, money and development on Council’s Jan. 26 agenda”

1/25/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica and Malibu School Officials Explore Free Preschool for All”

1/25/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Year-End Unemployment Down from Previous Years”

1/25/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Campus Anti-Semitism Festers While Anti-Semitism UC Dithers” – Tom Elias

1/25/16 – Santa Monica Mirror


Opinion: “New code has big plans for small Santa Monica” – Ron Goldman and Thane Roberts for SMa.r.t Thinking

1/23/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “These Major Cities Prove Going Green Is not only Possible but Profitable” – The mayors of Portland, Stockholm, and Vancouver

1/22/16 – Huffington Post

“More testing on Metro Expo Line before opening day”

1/23/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “How dark forces are chipping away at our beloved California coast” – Steve Lopez

1/23/16 – Los Angeles Times

“They’re Back: Bus Bench Seats Resurrected from the Dead”

1/22/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Advisory Group Releases Plan for Santa Monica Civic Auditorium”

1/22/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Recommendations for Civic Auditorium Site Released”

1/21/16 — Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “PUC Embarrassment Gone, but Probes Continue” – Tom Elias

1/21/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Correspondence to Santa Monica Council Now Posted Online”

1/20/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “On Civic Center’s Future and Main Street’s Shoe Guru” – Charles Andrews

1/20/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“California Coastal Commission members to consider firing executive director”

1/20/16 – Los Angeles Times

Opinion: “Working toward a more equitable future for all” – Santa Monica Forward

1/19/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Another beast at our doorstep” – Bill Bauer

1/18/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Amount of lobbying done in the shadows is growing, California ethics officials agree”

1/17/16 – Los Angeles Times

Opinion: “Why Santa Monica needs responsible urban design, architecture” – Ron Goldman for Sma.r.t Thinking (Santa Monica Architects for a Responsible Tomorrow)

1/16/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Public Meetings to Focus on Expo Line Safety”

1/16/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Why Santa Monica Needs Responsible Urban Design, Architecture” – Ron Goldman, Sma.r.t. Thinking

1/16/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “Bottleneck Report: Transit only a Partial Solution” – Tom Elias

1/16/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“State Program Could Provide Annual Funding for Big Blue Bus Service”

1/15/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Council comments now posted online”

1/15/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Minimum wage will rise to $15 an hour”

1/13/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica and Other Cities Asked to Take Larger Role in Helping the Homeless”

1/13/15 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Santa Monica Moves toward More Control of Coastal Permitting”

1/11/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

Opinion: “Why Urban Planning in Santa Monica Is a ‘Wicked Problem’ ” – Bob Taylor, AIA, for SMa.r.t Thinking —

1/9/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“What New Coastal Zoning Rules Could Mean for Santa Monica”

1/9/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Santa Monica Homeless Struggle as El Nino Storm Conditions Worse”

1/7/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“New Year in Santa Monica Likely to Bring New Round of Development Wars”

1/6/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“Predictions for 2016”

1/6/16 – The Argonaut

“Second Significant Pacific Storm of Season to Barrel the Region Today”

1/6/16 – Santa Monica Mirror

“Some Storm Drains Overflow and Beach Contamination Warnings Issued as Santa Monica Endures First El Nino Storm of 2016”

1/6/16 – Santa Monica Lookout

“How Santa Monica Residents Can Prepare for El Nino”

1/5/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

“Theft Top Reported Crime in Santa Monica for 2015”

1/4/16 – Santa Monica Lookout
Among the nearly 8,900 reported crimes in Santa Monica during 2015, theft of varying degrees of severity was the most frequent with 3,250, according to the Santa Monica Open Data Portal.
— items stolen from vehicles — 897
— stolen bicycles — 586
— “other” — 418
— items stolen from buildings — 403
— grand theft auto — 354
— shoplifting – 340
— stolen vehicle parts — 175
— pickpocketing — 63
— homicides – 2
— assault — 877
— public intoxication — 768
— vandalism – 664
— burglary — 585
— fraud — 570
— DUI — 216
— trespassing — 128
— “family offenses” — 112
—  sex offenses — 99

Opinion: “How affordable housing mandates make housing more expensive” – Gary M. Galles

1/4/16 – Los Angeles Times

“Annual Homeless Count Needs Volunteers”

1/2/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press
Registration forms online at http://www.SantaMonicaHomelessCount.com

“Local shoppers keep millions centered in Santa Monica”

1/2/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press

Opinion: “New California Motor Voter Law: Don’t Expect Mass Election Fraud” – Tom Elias

1/2/16 – Santa Monica Mirror
http://www.smmirror.com/articles/Opinion/New-California-Motor-Voter-Law-Dont-Expect-Mass-Election-Fraud/44898 — Only those whose identification proves they are eligible to vote will automatically be registered.

“Handful of New Laws Take Effect Today across California”

1/1/16 – Santa Monica Mirror
http://www.smmirror.com/articles/News/Handful-Of-New-Laws-Take-Effect-Today-Across-California/44892AB 139 (Revocable Transfer on Death Deed); AB 1085 (Parental Visitation) —AB 1164  (Drought/Artificial Turf)

“Santa Monica Hopes to Centralize Authority for Coastal Development”

1/1/16 – Santa Monica Daily Press


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